Brunch at Framptons, Tunbridge Wells

Brunch, or ‘the meal of bloggers’ as it should be called, well, it’s just the best meal of the day isn’t it? Who doesn’t love the idea of going out with your pals for breakfasty food without having to wake up early enough to call it brekkie? Especially when you’re heading to Framptons on The Pantiles if you’re near Tunbridge Wells!

If you read my Instagram captions (don’t worry, I won’t be offended if you don’t), then you will know that I’m trying to venture out of my normal coffee shops and cafes and start exploring more of my local town. I kicked this off a couple of weekends ago when I dragged a group of friends out to somewhere I’ve been wanting to go for months, Framptons. I can’t help but think they found it funny that every couple of minutes I was whacking my camera out, photographing anything of remote interest but they were rewarded with an absolutely banging brunch so I’d say they did pretty well out of the trip.

framptons tunbridge wellsframptons tunbridge wells

Framptons lies on the very end of The Pantiles (my favourite part of Tunbridge Wells) and sits in the perfect place to have a mooch around the old high street. You can dump your car a short walk away in Linden Park Road and wander through The Pantiles to get there but be careful, don’t get distracted by the other cafes you’ll pass on your way! The restaurant itself gives off industrial but country vibes and I have to say, I really like how it looks in there.. So instagrammable! It also had a really relaxed atmosphere in there and the staff seemed friendly and helpful which is such a big deal for me!

framptons tunbridge wellsframptons tunbridge wells

The menu seemed short and sweet which is exactly what I want when I eat out. Who can seriously be arsed to read through pages and pages of food? I wouldn’t have had the time for that anyway as it almost took me 10 minutes to decide what I actually wanted to eat because the choices were drool-worthy. It was between the champion’s breakfast (poached egg, asparagus, bacon, tomato salsa, sourdough) and full plate (basically a full English). Both looked delicious but in the end, I opted for the full plate for the pure reason that I am a piggy and wanted as much food as possible (don’t judge).

framptons tunbridge wells

Everything tasted incredible and I would’ve happily eaten it again, not for the fact that we had to go because the England vs Sweden game was going to be starting soon. I have to give a special shoutout to the bacon though. I’ve never really been a big bacon fan but these rashers were made of gold or something, DEE-LISH-OUS. Ooh and the sausages were banging. And the toast. And poached eggs. And everything else. Man, it was just so yummy!

framptons tunbridge wells

Toby pulled a wildcard out the bag and chose the crumpets (with my black pudding because ew, who actually likes the stuff) and despite not being a breakfast kinda guy, he really enjoyed it. I have to say I did get a bit of food envy when I saw his plate come out and it smelled amazing.. Must be the hollandaise sauce! My friends ordered the lighter plate and full plate and neither had a bad word to say. Williams said it’s the best black pudding he’s ever eaten and Zoe even claimed it’s the best breakfast she’s ever had and I couldn’t agree more!

framptons tunbridge wellsframptons tunbridge wells

I promise you if you live in the Tunbridge Wells area, Framptons is the place to go for brunch. There’s simply no question about it! Everything from the decor to the welcoming staff to the coffee to the eggs was perfect and it’s so reasonably priced. Toby and I had breakfast each and he had two coffees and it came to £25. BARGAIN!

I’d really love to go back here for dinner so I’ll let you know when I do, and please let me know if you have any brunch recommendations!

Have you ever eaten at Framptons?


    • Katy
      17/08/2018 / 11:14

      And it tastes even better than it looks! x

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