22 Things I Want To Do This Year

It’s kind of like a rite of passage to post the caption ‘I don’t know about you but I’m feeling 22’ on your 22nd birthday but for me, I couldn’t bear to utter those lyrics. I’m all for Taylor Swift when I’ve had one too many bottles of Corona at a party but I just couldn’t bring myself to post that on the gram! Instead, I’m going to honour my 22nd birthday in the same way I did my 21st, by writing a post about all the things I want to achieve in the next year.

22 things i want to do this year


1. Buy a house! I’m pretty sure I say this every year but I’m ever so close to finally packing my bags and moving out. Fingers crossed Toby and I will be in our own place this time next year!

2. Go to an outdoor cinema because I didn’t do it last year and I reaaaaaally want to go! The plan as it stands is to see Grease at one of my local pubs in July and yes, I will be singing along to every single tune.

3. Stop wasting money on unnecessary shit like makeup and clothes I don’t need!

4. Carry on going to the gym and lose some more weight. I’ve been going at least twice a week since March with the exception of a few stressful or busy weeks and lost half a stone so I’d love to keep up the healthy habit for as long as I can!

5. Try out some different restaurants in my local area because I’m always going back to the same places. There are so many incredible little cafes and independent coffee shops and I never really step foot in them as I’m always heading to Costa so I don’t miss out on points!

6. Go on more city breaks! Toby and I are heading off to Rome in a few weeks (just need to book it) and we’re also crossing our fingers that we have enough money after summer to jet back to Amsterdam for a long weekend. I’d also love to properly visit Canterbury, Bristol, Cambridge and Oxford as despite living there for nine months, I barely did anything touristy. I’m pretty sure the closest I got to being a tourist was attempting to punt down River Cherwell before I gave up and let Toby take over!

7. Get a tattoo because once again, I didn’t get one last year and I’ve been waiting for far too long.

8. Finish watching Friends on Netflix.

9. Go and get an allergy test done for once and for all.

10. Go on a proper road trip with my friends to a seaside town.

11. Learn to cook more. At the moment I can make a banging roast dinner or fry up but my expertise don’t really venture past those two meals. This time next year I’ll *hopefully* be cooking for myself and Toby so I’d love to learn how to cook properly even though I imagine he’ll be head chef and I’ll be KP!

12. Be up to date with my scrapbook because I’m currently a couple of years behind and desperately need to catch up!

13. Buy and read a Marvel comic because I’m one of those people who are so crazily obsessed with the MCU but never actually read any of the comics. Don’t @ me.

14. Go to a local beer festival or any local festival for that matter!

15. Reach 2000 followers on Instagram. I’ve struggled with Instagram for years and never really put much effort into it but I’ve been trying so hard recently so it would mean the actual world if I hit 2000 followers on there! That might make me sound like a massive social media loser but we all know how important numbers can be in the blogosphere.

16. Watch some classic films which everyone judges me for never watching – Jurassic Park, Ace Ventura, The Matrix – let me know if there are any absolute must-watch films I need to see!

17. Go to a teppanyaki restaurant in London.

18. Visit one of my friends at uni (probably Archie in Bournemouth) because in the four years all my friends have been at uni, I haven’t visited one of them… Woops!

19. Learn how to play poker because I’ve completely forgotten how to play which I didn’t even realise was possible!

20. Cut down on my screen time. I spend waaaay too much time in front of a screen whether that’s at work, on my laptop, watching TV or scrolling through Twitter on my phone and I’d really love to be able to switch off sometimes!

21. Actually finish a book! I’ve got so many books both fiction and non-fiction but I’ve never actually finished any of them! I always get halfway through and forget about them or get bored so I’m making it my mission to finish at least one in the next year!

22. Potentially visit Edinburgh in December to see the Christmas markets.

Is there anything you’d like to do or achieve in the next year?

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