Tips For Feeling Confident

As much as I love summer for the warmth, days at the pub, Calippos and garden parties, it’s a bitch if you don’t feel confident with your body. My Instagram feed is constantly full of bikinis, short shorts and crop tops and even though I love the photos, they can make me feel so shit about myself and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. Since we can’t all be 100% happy with ourselves 100% of the time, I’ve thrown together a few tips for feeling confident and these genuinely work for me so fingers crossed, they can help someone else as well.

tips for feeling confident


Tan within an inch of your life

Fake tanning was something I discovered the day before my graduation when I realised my pasty milk bottles weren’t a great look with my dress. All I wanted was a bronze goddess look, I didn’t realise how much it would increase my confidence. I don’t know how but it just makes me feel so much better in the way I look and feel. I’ve been using St Moriz for the last couple of years but since being sent some Rimmel goodies, I’ve been converted to their Sunshimmer Mousse which requires much less effort and gives you an instant tan. Yay for not having to stand around naked for five hours!

Wear what you feel confident in

You shouldn’t have to feel like you need to please anyone but yourself and it’s so important to remember that. I tried for so long to please everyone else and it kinda made me lose myself a bit so now I make sure I wear what I want and do my makeup and hair as I want. It makes me feel more confident when I’m wearing a ‘me’ outfit, even if it’s just a checked shirt, jeans and trainers and the dress in these pictures is one of those kinds of outfits. Don’t get me wrong, some days I could put this dress on and feel like a potato in a bin bag but more often than not, it makes me feel confident and sassy af. Chuck out any clothes that don’t make you feel like yourself and invest in a few confidence-boosting staples!

Accept compliments

I’m so shit at accepting compliments and tend to just act as if nothing’s been said and then awkwardly say thank you but more recently, I’ve been trying to fully acknowledge the odd compliment I get and let it sink in. If you actually digest what someone has said, whether it’s ‘your dress is really pretty’ or ‘your blog post really inspired me’, you might start to believe it yourself and feel more confident.

Do what you’re best at

If you’re having a down day and need a quick pick me up and confidence boost then do something you know you’re bloody good at. It’ll lift your spirits as it acts as a little reminder that you have traits and qualities to be confident about.


Despite not going to the gym for the last few months, I haven’t forgotten how much more confident it made me feel in my body and mind when I was going a few times a week. Whether you just go for a walk with the dog or hardcore train, physical activity can really have a positive effect on the way you feel about yourself. Perhaps one of the reasons why my confidence has been going through a bit of a dip is because I haven’t been working out. Bring back on the sweaty workouts!

tips for feeling confident

If you ever get that ‘why do I look so shit the whole time’ mindset (which we all go through at some point, let’s face it) then I hope these tips can be of use. They’ve certainly helped my confidence blossom a little this summer and I swear fake tan works miracles. Trust me!

What are your top tips for feeling confident?


    • Katy
      16/07/2018 / 15:57

      Doesn’t it just! I couldn’t do half the things I do now if I had no confidence! x

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