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Something I always faff with before a trip away is my luggage. Do I take a holdall? Or a suitcase? Maybe I need both? These questions always used to run through my head when packing for a holiday or staycation but thank God to CabinZero, I don’t need to worry anymore!

cabinzero bag


They were kind enough to send me one of their ultra light cabin bags and I just know it’s going to be perfect for my trips. I opted for the second biggest bag which is 36L as I thought it would be the best size for a weekend trip away (as that’s how long I tend to go for). All their bags are hand luggage size which is so handy and because they’re so lightweight, you can make the most out of your weight allowance!

cabinzero bag

I’m not one to pack light but I can fit a long weekend’s worth of clothes in the bag and it will still be comfortable to carry because of the padded straps. There’s a ton of different compartments which are so handy for someone like me who likes to know exactly whereabouts everything is! It makes it so easy to find everything between the four compartments inside and one on the front. I’ve already figured out my shoe area (the padded section at the back which is made for laptops) and ‘bits and bobs’ area because let’s be honest, we all have one of those!

cabinzero bag

As well as ticking off all the must haves like durability, being waterproof, high quality and reasonably priced, there are a few other things which you’ll love. Firstly it comes with a 10 year guarantee included in the price which you can upgrade to 25 years just by liking CabinZero on Facebook. The bags are also fitted with an Okoban tracker so if you lose your bag you will receive a text when it has been found (providing someone has registered it on the site). This is genius and I don’t know why all bags don’t have it!

cabinzero bag

I can’t wait to start using this bag for my adventures, starting off with my trip to Bath in December! Please let me know where you would take this bag to and if you’re looking to get your hands on your own CabinZero bag then use CZTHERAWRDROBE at the checkout for 10% off! It’s only valid until the last week of November though so don’t leave it too late!

Bag gifted by Cabin Zero

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