Life Changes I’m Going To Make From Now On

You know when something happens in your life and it just spurs you on to change the way you live? Well that’s what happened to me last week. Not in the sense that someone died or anything dramatic happened.. I was just hungover. But like sick-nine-times-in-a-day hungover. I literally laid in bed all day questioning my life and decided to write a list of all the things I wanted to change. Starting with never ever getting drunk again obviously! It’s been a week and I’ve stuck to everything so far (much to the surprise of my family) so I’m gonna give these life changes a bloody good go!

life changes


Getting back into the gym

Despite paying £44 a month for my gym membership, I’ve been once since May. Let’s face it, that ain’t good for my fitness nor my bank balance! I’ve felt so sedentary since not going which was originally because of ligament damage in my knee but then turned into pure laziness and what I like to call the ‘cba’ attitude. Now I finally feel motivated and want to absolutely kill it on the rowing machine again because I genuinely miss that feeling when you’ve smashed a workout!

Cutting the drink

As much as I loved watching the World Cup, I have consumed waaaaay too many beers in the last month. I’m talking a minimum of five pints per match and for a girl of my size, it’s too much for me. It’s not that I’ve been drunk at every game because I hate being pissed and feeling out of control, it’s more that I feel so groggy the next day whether I’ve had two pints or 10. It’s just not something I enjoy and if I’m trying to live a healthy lifestyle, the beer has to go!

Starting to swim

Back in the day, I was a pretty fantastic swimmer (even if I do say myself) and was lucky enough to be trained by an ex-Commonwealth and Olympic swimming star. I used to race, assist my coach with lessons and spend half my life in the pool with fingers like raisins. Unfortunately, since then, I’ve developed a complex about my head going under water (which I think has come since I got trapped under my boat sailing) and the thought of my head going under makes me feel so panicked. Being someone who felt so comfortable and confident in water to now not even want to dip my toes in on holiday, is just not me and I want to sort it out. So I’ve bought a swimming cossie and I’m going to take the plunge (literally) and start swimming again. I’m a bit nervous and can feel my chest tighten even as I write this paragraph but I just don’t want this fear to worsen anymore. Wish me luck!

life changes

Taking care of my skin

Drinking my weight in beer and eating way too much crap has definitely taken its toll on my skin so it’s time to get my routine back on track and clear up my pizza face. I’ve been lucky enough to be picked for the Dermalogica Skinfluencer Programme so I’m praying to God that their products can sort my spotty skin out and reduce some of the scarring I currently have.

Reading before bed

For someone with a lot of books, I definitely do not do a lot of reading. I like to think of them more as coffee table books, except I don’t have a coffee table in my bedroom… I’m pretty sure I’ve only read one book since I left school and that’s only because the wifi didn’t reach the pool on holiday so I had no choice. The first book to finish is Grace Victory’s No Filter which I’ve been making my way through on and off since it was released but never really committed any time to properly reading it.

Worrying less about social media

I swear social media will be the end of people! It’ just too much stress to keep checking if you’ve gained any followers then realising “of course I haven’t, that would be stupid for me to ever get past 1700”. From now on, I just want to enjoy my content because clearly, my follower-and-engagement-growth-strategy is doing sweet fa. I’ll obviously continue to comment and engage with others but I’m just gonna be more chill when it comes to followers and stuff. After all, most people say when they stop worrying about their growth, it suddenly happens!

life changes

I’m going to try my very hardest to stick to these little life changes and I’ll keep you updated along the way with how things are going, particularly the swimming! I’ve also only had three cigarettes so far this week which I didn’t even intend on so who knows, I might quit smoking too!

Are there any life changes you’re trying to make at the moment?

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