How To Spend A Day In Whitstable

 A few weeks back I took a trip to Whitstable with Toby for a quick getaway and chill out. I’ve already written a post about why you should try a staycation and now it’s time to write one dedicated to my favourite little seaside town.

whitstable things to do

First and foremost I cannot recommend a trip to Whitstable enough! It’s on the north coast of Kent, only a couple of hours’ drive from London and so worth it. It’s famous for its oysters but the other seafood there is incredible too and you can’t leave without trying the mussels! And there’s such a sense of serenity as you drive into the narrow streets when the salty sea air hits you and you hear the seagulls calling to each other. That’s one of my favourite things about the seaside, the transition from rolling fields of green to cobbled paths and crashing waves. It just makes me feel so at home despite only ever living by the sea in our holiday cottage when I was younger.

So if you’re lucky enough to take a trip to Whitstable, here’s how you can spend your day there.

whitstable harbour

Book yourself into an Airbnb

This is definitely the most flexible and affordable way to stay. We paid around £90 for this room for a night and it’s more than we could’ve asked for. Everything about it was perfect from the central location to the shabby chic interior to the little touches. Sian was the best host I’ve ever had and even left a list of her favourite places in Whitstable for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So definitely start your trip to Whitstable by booking an Airbnb!

elliotts breakfast whitstableelliotts breakfast whitstable

Breakfast at Elliott’s

As I just mentioned, our Airbnb host left a list of her favourite spots for food and on there was Elliott’s at No. 1 Harbour Street. I opted for the poached eggs on sourdough with avocado, tomatoes and pesto and it was a solid 10/10. I was extremely tempted by the smell of maple syrup and bacon pancakes wafting over from Toby’s plate but a couple of forkfuls were enough for me. They also had classics on the menu like a full English which smelled incredible and porridge for a healthier option. It was reasonably priced and the cute decor was perfect for Instagramming! Also, it’s worth bearing in mind that they also have an afternoon and evening menu with local produce and the infamous Chapel Down sparkling wine so if you can’t make it in time for breakfast then just head back for lunch!

whitstable cycle hire

Wander through the town and little shops

I adore the independent shops on the high street full of coastal clothes, trinkets and quirky homeware. Toby got a little spend happy in Quba and Co. but somehow I managed to resist the urge… Don’t ask me how!

whitstable harbour

Lunch at the Lobster Shack

After your little trip through the town, you can walk through the harbour right round to the Lobster Shack, one of my favourite places in Whitstable. If it’s warm enough then grab a bench outside but as we all know what British weather is like, you might be more inclined to sit inside! If mussels are on the menu (they’re only available in certain months) then you absolutely have to get them! Or since you’re at the Lobster Shack then lobster wouldn’t be a bad choice! Last time I had the fresh lobster baked in garlic and parsley and my God, it was incredible! It’s a bit messy so if you’re anything like me and don’t like dealing with greasy fingers then maybe get whoever you’re with to dismantle the lobster (in my case, this was Toby) to make it hassle free eating!

whitstable beach hutswhitstable beachwhitstable beach

Walk along the beach

There’s nothing better after a big lunch than a gentle stroll along the beach. It’s a perfect photo opportunity too with the colourful beach huts and old boats that have beached.You could also take this time to gobble down some bonbons from The Sugar Boy, blue raspberry flavour of course!

Dinner at Birdie’s

After a quick freshen up and maybe an afternoon coffee somewhere, it’s dinner time aka my favourite part of the day. We went to the unassuming Birdies restaurant and it was the best decision we made. At first, it looks nothing more than a family run little restaurant with a handful of tables dressed with gingham table cloths but the food was soooo tasty. We both opted for beef wellington which Toby had a few months back and swore I had to taste it. It came with sides of new potatoes and veg and a red wine jus and it was so good I can’t even explain! It felt like proper home cooked food that your Mum would cook and I wish I could’ve had more! I followed it up with a vanilla creme brulee which was without a doubt the best I’ve ever had!

whitstable harbourwhitstable beach

Drink on the beach

Post dinner means only one thing. And that is a good old drink! We headed to a local pub for a drink outside on the terrace yet I can’t remember for the life of me what is was called. But the other idea I really like is grabbing yourself a couple of beers, or lemonades or even a bottle of wine and some plastic cups and enjoying them on the beach where you can watch the sun set. As you can see from my snaps, we saw the most beautiful orange sunset while we were there. It will instantly relax you and really is the perfect way to end your day.

I feel so blessed to be only an hour away from my favourite coastal town and if you’re close to Whitstable you must go! You won’t regret it, especially if you’re in desperate need of a quite day to relax and explore!

I’m still keen on visiting more places in the UK so if there’s anywhere you recommend whether that’s your hometown or even just somewhere you’ve heard is really lovely then please comment them below or tweet me!

And finally, if you’ve made it to the end of this post then thank you, I know it’s been a long one!

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