Four UK Cities I’d Love To Visit

One of the most difficult parts of saving money is not having the luxury of being able to jet around the globe on holidays and weekends away. It’s something I’ve missed this year even though Toby and I still had the chance to whizz off to Rome for a few days as my birthday present which was an amazing experience. But in the grand scheme of things, I’d rather save for a mortgage than spend my time browsing for a quick getaway… Well, that’s what I tell myself anyway! A girl can still dream though right? And I’m going to vicariously travel through my blog right now since I can’t actually afford nor take the time off work to visit any of these places!

UK cities I'd love to visit



This Scottish city is firmly staying put at the top of my list of places to visit by the end of 2018, if my bank account can allow it. Ever since I saw Zoe Sugg visit in one of her vlogs many years ago, I’ve wanted to go. But I only want to go around Christmas time and that’s the deal. I’m thinking maybe the end of November/early December if I get the opportunity and we don’t end up putting a deposit down on a house (yanno, can’t be sacrificing moving out for deep fried Mars bars). It just looks like the complete embodiment of Christmas and it gets me giddy thinking about wandering through the cobbled streets, all wrapped up in a big cosy coat, surrounded by fairy lights and street performers on the way to the castle. The market on East Princes Street Gardens looks unbelievable as well, full of Christmas grub like those Yorkshire pudding wraps which I still haven’t tried yet and waffles drowning in chocolate sauce.. GET ME THERE ASAP!

On my to do list: Camera Obscura, Castle Lane, Greyfriars Kirkyard, Edinburgh Castle, National Museum of Scotland


This is kind of cheating by including Oxford in this list as I did go to college and live there for nine months so it’s not like I’ve never been before but I just really didn’t make the most out of my time there! I have the longest list of coffee shops, restaurants, sights to see, things to do and Instagrammable locations which I’d love to complete. It’s such a beautiful city as well with so many nooks and crannies which I am yet to explore. Also, I haven’t been back since they rebuilt the shopping centre which I absolutely, categorically have to go to!

On my to do list: Botanical Gardens, Natural History Museum, Handle Bar Cafe, Christ Church College, Board Game Cafe, Holywell Street


Oh Manchester. The home of Corrie, Oasis and Megan Ellaby and somewhere I’ve been dying to visit for a while. I think my desire to visit has mainly come from Megan’s weekly vlogs and what other bloggers have said about the city. It just seems like such a cool and quirky place with loads of unique things to do and shops to pop into. Not that I’m a coffee drinker but I’ve heard the brew up there is bloody good so I’m sure Toby will be on-board for a weekend trip!

On my to do list: The Quays, Fig and Sparrow, Foundation Coffee House, Grub food fair, Chetham’s Library, Mackie Mayor, The Comedy Store, The Refuge

UK cities I'd love to visit


So many of my favourite bloggers are from Norfolk and I get mega envy when I see them strutting around the historic and colourful streets of Norwich, it just looks so fab! I feel like it’s quite a similar place to Kent but just cooler, much cooler! One of the biggest attractions for me is the nosh because there seems to be hundreds of foodie places which all look delicious and Instagrammable (don’t know which is more important in today’s society).

On my to do list: Grosvenor Fish Bar, Norwich Market, Benedicts, Elm Hill, Plantation Garden, Norwich Cathedral, Birdcage, Louis’ Deli, Norfolk Broads, Woolf & Social

So there we have it, four UK cities I’d love to visit at some point over the next year or so. Mind you, there are so many more places I’ve got on my ‘to visit’ list on my phone – does anyone else have a note like that?! – including Bristol, Bath (again), Liverpool and Cambridge. If only I had double the money in my bank account then I might be able to afford to experience all these unique and incredible cities for myself!

Is there anywhere in the UK where you would particularly like to visit?


  1. 18/09/2018 / 17:37

    Edinburgh is a beautiful city, I’ve been lucky enough to visit twice and I will forever be in love with it. I’ve also been to Oxford hundreds of times as my family live in that area, so we visit quite a lot. It’s very small and quaint!! Manchester is on my list to visit too!

    • Katy
      19/09/2018 / 13:04

      I can’t wait to visit Edinburgh one day! Please do let me know if you have any recommendations! x

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