Three Affordable Homeware Brands I’m Loving

I’d say the thing I was most excited about when we moved into our place was being able to decorate it and make a home out of some white walls and grey carpet. Needless to say, it’s taking a lot longer as I first thought because buying a house and kitting it out isn’t cheap at all. There are so many items of furniture and artwork out there that I’d just love to get my hands on but unfortunately, I’m not made of money! So today, I thought I’d share with you three affordable homeware brands that don’t cost the earth but still sell homeware gold.

poster store prints


Poster Store

When I lived with my parents and looked into ordering some prints to jazz my room up, I was shocked at how expensive some of the more popular websites are. Shocked to the point that I didn’t bother ordering any and just dealt with the collages from my 15-year-old days being drunk in random fields with plastic bottles filled with Dad’s spirits that I’d half-inched (there isn’t masses to do in Kent as a teenager as you can probably tell). If only I’d known about Poster Store back then, maybe I wouldn’t have had to deal with the embarrassment of looking at those photos every single day.

Poster Store offer hundreds of prints from black and white photographic shots to motivational quotes to more abstract pieces. Honestly, there are tonnes of options on there and something for everyone and every room. In fact, it took me weeks to eventually decide what prints and frames I wanted to order as I had so many ideas floating around my head for gallery walls and all sorts. However, my favourite thing about the Poster Store is the price. Every single print and frame on their website is so reasonable priced and the frames are bloody good quality too. I’m genuinely so impressed with everything I received and considering the whole lot (six prints and frames) came to under £150 with a discount code (they always have them available), the quality is top notch.

If you feel like you need to spice up a wall with a few prints then I couldn’t recommend checking out Poster Store any more. And if you’re feeling a bit clueless (literally me all the time) then they have an inspiration section of the website where you can get some ideas!

Get 30% off your order (excluding selection and frames) using the code KATYS30 valid until 13th September.

poster store prints


If someone gave me a voucher for H&M Home, I am confident that it would disappear in about 0.372 seconds because I am THAT obsessed. Don’t get me wrong, some items can be a little less than affordable but for the most part, their website is filled with reasonably priced b-e-a-utiful bedding, ornaments, storage, kitchenware and all sorts. Everything looks way more expensive than it is and the Bluewater store resembles blogger heaven, no joke. The only thing I don’t like about H&M Home? The fact there isn’t one anywhere near me!


Before moving out, I had a preconceived idea in my head that Matalan was a bit naff but I was so wrong. Honestly, Matalan is the place to be if you’re on a budget and need to kit out a new pad. They’ve got really cool light fittings, blankets, rugs and cushions which are at such a bargain price, I can never refuse a trip to their store. And on top of that, I think its the best place to head if you’re after basic stuff we all need like dinner sets, mugs and towels because its all so affordable and really good quality. In fact, I wish we’d saved more money and bought more from there when we first moved in!

Let me know if you want an update when I discover some new affordable homeware brands as I’m sure there are plenty out there, I just haven’t found them yet. Saying that, I’ve heard Iconic Lights is bloody brilliant so I’ll be checking them out next!

What are your favourite affordable homeware brands?


  1. 01/09/2019 / 17:11

    I do love Matalan for the bedroom stuff, their cushions and throws are always so nice! H&M is one place I need to start looking in and Poster Store I’ve heard of but never thought of buying anything from, I usually buy posters from Desenio x

    Lucy |

    • Katy
      04/09/2019 / 08:22

      Oh yes, you definitely need to check H&M and Poster Store out! x

    • Katy
      04/09/2019 / 08:05

      Yes you totally should! x

  2. 01/09/2019 / 20:18

    I’ve never heard of Poster Store, I’ll have to have a look. I absolutely love H&M Home, they always have so many cute pieces x


    • Katy
      04/09/2019 / 08:06

      You should definitely check them out! I know right, I’m tempted to go on their website now haha! x

    • Katy
      04/09/2019 / 08:21

      Let me know what you like the look of! x

  3. 02/09/2019 / 18:30

    H&M home are probably my favourite homeware brand, they always have some amazing bits in as well as Matalan, I can never leave without a cushion.. Oh and I absolutely love those prints, I have been looking for some for a wall actually so I’ll have to have a look at their website!

    Samantha |

    • Katy
      04/09/2019 / 08:28

      Haha the cushions are definitely the best thing about Matalan aren’t they? Hope you find something, they’ve got so many beautiful prints! x

  4. 01/10/2019 / 09:45

    I absolutely love H&M home, they always have the best and most beautiful bits in. I have not heard of poster store before though, their posters look so cute, definitely have to check them out to get my hands on some more posters xx

    • Katy
      02/10/2019 / 07:12

      H&M home is king on homeware haha yeah you should check them out! x

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