Five Things I Learnt After The First Month Of Moving Out

Toby and I have now been moved into our house for a month now and we’re loving it! It’s so good to feel independent and just do what we want, when we want. I can safely say it’s the happiest we’ve ever been but it’s also been a learning curve so far, as we expected. I wrote a post a couple of years ago when I moved up to Oxford about things I realised when I moved away from home and wanted to write a similar piece on a few of the things I learnt after the first month of moving out for real.

Things I Learnt After The First Month Of Moving Out


ALDI is the best place for your food shop

Omg I just love ALDI. It’s so much cheaper than other supermarkets and definitely worth an extra 10 minutes in the car to get there. Toby and I did our first two weekly shops at Tesco and we were surprised to see how quickly it racked up despite picking up a mixture of branded and non-branded items. I like to think we’re quite sensible with our food shops, apart from the black pitted olives which Toby claimed were an absolute essential in our first shop! However, he could pick up all the olives in the world in ALDI because we were loving our lives. When you’re putting stuff in your trolley you don’t really realise how much cheaper it is until you get to the tills. We saved a huge amount of money buying the ALDI version of big brands like Crunchy Nut, The Collective and McCoys.

I don’t have much free time to myself

I’m definitely the kinda gal who needs her own time whether that’s to scroll through, write a blog post or just catch up on Eastenders. Since moving out, I’ve found that I don’t have an awful lot of time to myself like I used to and I’m starting to feel like I took it for granted. By the time I get home from the gym (on the odd occasion when I actually go), have a shower, cook dinner, wash up, dry up and do some washing or cleaning, it’s 9.00 and I just want to stick the TV on and get ready for bed. That leaves me with very little time to go on my laptop or do something productive.

Homeware has taken over my life

Gone are the days of scrolling through ASOS, it’s all about Next, M&S and John Lewis now. I’ve always had a little obsession with homeware shops anyway but now I’ve actually got an excuse to buy it, it’s all I look at! My Pinterest boards are littered with kitchen and bedroom inspo and I just can’t wait until payday to fulfil my tablecloth and placemat needs.

Things I Learnt After The First Month Of Moving Out

I’m hot on switching the lights off

My dad has always drummed it into me to turn the lights off when you leave a room so I was pretty good at it anyway but I’ve cranked up my psychotic obsession with switching off lights way more since moving out. I’ve even found myself rooting around in the dark for things or using the torch on my phone, just for the sake of not turning the lights on. I think I’ve gone nuts. But when you’re conscious of how much you’re spending on electricity, it makes you a lot more aware of what you’re wasting!

I learn from mistakes quickly

Soooooo I may or may not have grabbed lunch out the freezer one morning and not shut the door properly… Resulting in Toby returning home from work at 5.30 to a freezer and kitchen floor full of water and defrosted, soggy food.. WOOOOOOOPS! My bad. Like, seriously my bad. Fortunately we didn’t have to throw away too much, just a bag of my beloved chicken dippers and a couple of fishcakes but it’s made me learn from that mistake extremely quickly. Every time I shut the freezer door now, I triple check it’s not going to miraculously swing open and destroy my chicken dippers! You really do realise that you can’t afford to make mistakes sometimes whether it’s inexpensive or not!

So there you have it, a handful of things I learnt after the first month of moving out and I’m sure there will be plenty more as time goes on!

Is there anything you learnt when you moved out?


  1. 17/02/2019 / 20:36

    Luckily I kind of know what it’s like to live alone since I went to uni, but I can imagine it being horrible never having much time to yourself! I can’t wait to do my weekly food shops at Aldi haha!

    Lucy |

    • Katy
      19/02/2019 / 17:13

      I’m such an ALDI fan girl haha x

    • Katy
      05/03/2019 / 17:07

      I’m glad you enjoyed it! x

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