The Best Things We Bought For Our House

Before moving out, I had an idea of what items would make good purchases in the long run but you can never be sure until you actually buy them. Even though we’ve lived in our house for six months, we still haven’t bought a huge amount of things as we’ve been fortunate enough to be able to borrow a lot of furniture from both our parents. However, we’ve still bought enough to realise our best purchases which is exactly what this post is about. Cure the best things we bought for our house…

dfs zinc corner sofa

French Connection Zinc Sofa

Before moving in, I assured myself that I’d only ever buy a second hand sofa as you can pick up some next to new ones for a few hundred quid. Toby found one on Facebook which we loved but the day before we went to view it someone else bought it. And mate, I’ve never been so frustrated because it was perfect. So perfect that we thought ‘fuck it’ and went on the DFS website and ordered the exact same sofa the next week (after a long, hard think about it). I’m not gonna lie, it wasn’t cheap but we spend so much time on the sofa so it was really important that we had something comfy and timeless that would last us years and years. It’s definitely not necessary to spend as much as we did on a sofa (and matching foot stall courtesy of good old Mum and Dad) but for us, it’s been one of our best purchases and without a doubt my favourite thing in the whole house!

vileda magic mop

Vileda Magic Mop

Never did I see the day where I’d be talking about a mop on what started off as a fashion blog but here I am. Mopping is one one of my least favourite chores, I actually hate it. But it’s made semi bearable with this cheap and cheerful mop which cost less than a tenner. It’s so much easier to use than one of those string ones and takes literally half the time because you don’t have to fanny around trying to ring the water out or anything. I’m not sure how much more I can say about a mop but trust me, the Magic Mop is a game changer! blanket


As I mentioned in my post about making a new home feel cosy, blankets are essential! The first thing I ever bought for the house was a blanket and here I am six months later, still eyeing up the blanket section in Homesense! The cost per use of our blankets must be ridiculously low because I’m literally like a blanket magnet and can’t sit on the sofa without having one wrapped around me (even at the height of summer! Call me an old lady but our blanket collection is one of my favourite things in the house!

wusthof knives

Wusthof knives

Toby’s really into his cooking and made it quite clear from the beginning that we weren’t going to scrimp on knives. So he tracked down a Wusthof knife set for around £130 which was originally £177 and he’s a very happy bunny now. You only get four knives in that set along with a sharpener but they’re incredible quality and we know we’ll have them a long time!

m&s bedding

Good quality bedding

I bloody love bedtime. Honestly, when I wake up every morning, the first thing I think about is going to bed that night. Call me sad but I just really love sleeping! So it comes as no surprise that one of the things I was happy to invest in was our bedding. It’s difficult to skimp on super king size bedding as it’s so bloody expensive anyway but I really wanted to make sure it was good quality and durable. For Christmas I received a set of M&S bedding which I am still just as obsessed with as when I first saw it. It’s just plain white with a diamond pattern on it, so simple but so soft and I really recommend it if you just want something plain but not too plain. More recently, I picked up another bedding set from La Redoute which is slightly cheaper but still 100% cotton and even though it does need a good iron, it’s perfect!

They may be a bit random but they’re the best things we bought for our house and all of them either bring us joy or make our lives a little easier. As time goes on, I’m sure we’ll discover new items or investments which I’ll most likely share again if you’re interested!

What’s your best homeware/house purchase been?


  1. 26/06/2019 / 12:11

    That sofa is absolutely stunning! Such an amazing and timeless purchase that will last you for ages. Bedding is another one of those things I like to spend a bit more money on too, there’s nothing like waking up in a bed that feels like a super luxurious hotel bed, love this post!

    • Katy
      26/07/2019 / 13:08

      Thanks Laura! So glad you love the sofa too! x

  2. 09/09/2019 / 18:46

    I always love reading interior related posts, they make me so excited for when I get my own place! I love the sofa and the blanket choice, lovely colours! x

    Han |

    • Katy
      09/09/2019 / 19:27

      I was exactly the same before I moved out! Thank you Han 🙂 x

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