How To Make A New Home Feel More Cosy

One of my biggest worries about moving into a brand spanking new house was that it wouldn’t feel homely. There wouldn’t be any familiar furniture, it wouldn’t have that warmth to it and I thought it would be a tough task to transform the bare rooms into somewhere comfy and cosy to live. For the last couple of months, I’ve been on a mission to prove my initial worries wrong and I’m here to tell you how you can make a new home feel more cosy!

make a new home feel more cosy


It’s all about the soft furnishings

It’s amazing what a couple of cushions and a blanket can do to a room. In fact, I think the first thing I ever bought for our house was this blanket from Matalan – priorities! Adding soft furnishings to a room instantly makes it feel more cosy and there are some really affordable options out there from the likes of Primark, Matalan (my new fave), ASDA, Sainsbury’s, etc. Also is it even possible to feel cosy without a blanket? It’s the first thing I grab when I’m about to settle down on the sofa for a spot of The Chase ~ don’t judge ~ or laptop time.

Display your personal items

You might be in pursuit of the perfect Instagram house but that’s no reason to forget your favourite memories. Little things like displaying old photographs, awards, books or little trinkets will make a room feel more homely and personal rather than a showroom. I love having photo frames dotted all over our house as I find them quite comforting and they make it feel more like we actually live there and we’re actual people.

make a new home feel more cosy

Add some lamps

When I feel like getting cosy or it’s raining outside and I just want to snuggle on the sofa, I always reach for the lamps in our living room. Yeah the pendant light is great and does its job but lamps just make a room feel so much cosier and snug. Also when I’m feeling tired (basically 90% of the time), it’s soooo much better to just switch a lamp on so you don’t have to put the horrible, stark, bright light on and wake yourself up.

Find your scent

To me, being cosy isn’t just about what you can physically feel and see but what you can smell and taste too. Put it this way, you’re never gonna feel that cosy when your house smells like new carpets and paint. Although I do love the smell of paint. I already had been given a lime, basil and mandarin candle for my birthday which I’d saved for months to light in our new home which has become the scent of our house and I love it. We’ve got a tonne of candles, diffusers and a room spray and I really find they all make the house feel more like it’s our home rather than a new build house we’ve just moved into.

make a new home feel more cosy

Burn those candles

I couldn’t write a post about making your house feel cosy without mentioning candles could I! You can pick up a pack of tea lights for next to nothing and it can have such an effect on any room or house/flat. Just stick some in a lantern or grab some candles in jars and pop them on your window sill and it will make you feel so warm and cosy!

I’m so chuffed that it only took a few weeks for us to settle into our new home and feel so comfy and cosy, and it’s definitely down to doing these five things! So basically, you need to get your hands on a couple of blankets, dig out some photo frames, stick a lamp in the corner of your living room, pick up a few candles or diffusers and boom, you’re well on your way to have a cosy home!

How do you make a new home feel more cosy?


    • Katy
      16/03/2019 / 12:09

      I hope they help! x

  1. Lucy Cole
    10/03/2019 / 18:24

    I’m so excited to buy a home and make it as cosy as possible. I think a good throw, some photos and obviously some candles always make the world of difference!

    Lucy |

    • Katy
      16/03/2019 / 12:09

      Candles really do make such a difference! x

  2. 16/03/2019 / 10:01

    Burning candles is definitely a favorite of mine! ^^. It made my new apartment smell like my own room at my parents house the same day I moved in!

    Flor |

    • Katy
      16/03/2019 / 12:05

      Awh that’s so comforting! x

    • Katy
      20/03/2019 / 11:35

      It’s the best feeling getting home to a warm, cosy house! 🙂 x

  3. Kathleen
    24/03/2019 / 19:24

    Matalan is one of my faves for homeware too! They do such gorgeous bits!

    Kathleen / www,

    • Katy
      04/04/2019 / 14:19

      And they’re so reasonably priced! Love them! x

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