Tips For Moving Into Your First House

Moving house always seemed like such an exciting concept to me when I was younger. We moved four times in 10 years which is a lot to some people and not a lot to others but every time I was buzzing to whack the old cardboard boxes and tape out. I loved clearing out my room, discovering old gems and chucking away useless junk then the exciting process of redistributing all my crap around a new bedroom.

I thought I’d love the big day when Toby and I finally packed our things and moved into our first house together but to be quite honest, it was hectic. My parents made it look easy peasy all four times we moved house before and I didn’t realise how stress inducing it would actually be. I read countless posts on tips for moving into your first house and some things were handy to know, some not so much but I thought I’d collate all the advice we learnt and share our own tips with you.


Have a clear out of your belongings

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that moving your stuff from one place to another is a lot easier when you have less of it. I spent weeks literally clearing out everything and it felt so liberating to get rid of a shit tonne of crap. I’m talking makeup, beauty products, underwear, clothes, bags, shoes, books, bedding, stationery, old school stuff and that drawer of random shit everyone has. The trick is to be utterly ruthless otherwise you won’t have a proper clear out and just remember if you have the luxury of having your parents’ house to dump stuff at then you’re lucky! Even though I literally cleared out all my belongings, I’ve still had to store the stuff I hardly use at home to keep it out of my hair!

Wash crockery beforehand

This is a lifesaver I’m telling you. A few days before you move into your swanky new house, save yourself the hassle and just wash everything up. Glasses, mugs, plates, pots and pans, cutlery.. Just get it all done! Then once you’ve moved in and given your cupboards a quick spray and wipe down, you can pop your stuff in straightaway and focus on something else. You’ll find you have a million and one things to do on move in day and I can assure you, peeling stickers off plates and washing up isn’t one of them.

Invest in adhesive remover

Peeling off stickers is the biggest ball ache ever. If someone said they’d pay me £1,000 to spend an afternoon peeling those little bastards off the bottom of plates and mugs, I’d tell them where to go. Stickers will become the bane of your life when you’re basically buying new everything and I’ve learnt that some shops (I’m not going to name any names *cough TK Maxx cough*) love to stick them over everything. I’ve also discovered that there’s a variety of stickers – easy peelers, corner pickers… I’m sure you’ll come to learn all of this when you move house, it’s pretty advanced knowledge. But anyway, to tackle these little fuckers, just simply invest in adhesive remover which you can pick up for a few quid on Amazon. It’s such a game changer and will save you time and wrecking your nails, I promise.

Pack an ‘open first’ box

Moving house means lots of boxes and lots of boxes means it’s very easy to lose things. To save yourself hunting around for your essentials, keep everything you’re going to need on moving day in one box. Mugs, tea, sugar, milk, teaspoons, toilet roll, bin bags, squash, scissors and tape are all things you might need!

Don’t get too many people involved

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is getting too many people involved in the big move, too many cooks spoil the broth and all that. Even though having a tonne of people might make you think things will be easier, I can assure you it won’t – especially when everyone’s asking you where they should take things, what they should do, etc. It will drive you mad! Also, if you’re only moving the contents of a bedroom then you won’t need a whole removal team (unless your bedroom is the size of a house). Also bear in mind that everyone helping should have a job whether that’s moving boxes into the house, unwrapping, assembling furniture, unpacking boxes or just making the teas! When everyone knows what they’re doing, it makes the whole day go so much smoother!

Realise things will never go the way you want

The sooner you realise that things are never going to go the way you want, the better! I don’t mean to sound negative but if everything goes smoothly for you then you’re one of the lucky ones! If you’re moving in with someone then you’re gonna argue, you might not have the exact mugs that you wanted and maybe your packing could’ve been slightly better but guess what? That’s all a part of moving house!

Stay hydrated

When you’re busy rushing around holding dustpans under drills, scrubbing the sticker off of your letterbox and re-organising the cardboard recycling (yes, moving is very glamorous), it can be easy to get dehydrated. Make sure you take some time every now and then to have a glass (or mug or jar – you never know what you might’ve unpacked) of water, a cigarette if you need one and just two minutes to chill.

As exciting as moving house is, it can take its toll so try and make it as easy as possible by using a few of these tips or researching your own.

Do you have any tips for moving into your first house?


  1. 11/06/2019 / 18:53

    I’m a big fan of minimalism now and I try to have as little things as possible, even though I have some time until I move into my first house.
    Great pieces of advice!
    Mona Bednarska

    • Katy
      17/06/2019 / 07:56

      Absolutely! x

  2. 12/06/2019 / 18:26

    Oh an open first box and a clear out before are definitely amazing tips! We’re saving up for a house and are looking to move early next year so this will come in super handy!
    Soph – x

    • Katy
      17/06/2019 / 07:56

      Ooh that’s exciting! x

  3. 08/01/2020 / 18:03

    As a person who is looking to move this year, these are great tips! I like the idea of packing a box of essentials that you need to open first.


    • Katy
      13/01/2020 / 12:56

      Yes honestly it’s a lifesaver! x

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