Six Ways You Can Give Your Blog Some TLC

My blog is like my baby. I’ve nurtured it and kept it alive for seven years now and just like a child, it needs a bit of tender love care every now and again.

I’m a strong believer that if you want your blog to succeed, just like anything, you need to put the time and effort into it. Here are a few simple ways you can give your blog some TLC.

Ways You Can Give Your Blog Some TLC


Check your pages are up to date

One of the simplest ways of giving your blog a bit of TLC is keeping your pages up to date. If you change any of your social media usernames or email address then don’t forget to update it on your contact page as you wouldn’t want to miss out on any opportunities! Also remember that one of the first pages someone might click on is your ‘about’ page so you want to make sure it reflects you in the best way possible. It only takes two seconds to edit so there’s no excuse for not keeping up with it!

Delete broken links

Now this is pretty time consuming but so worth it! Broken links are essentially links on your blog that either don’t exist anymore or just don’t work. It could be a link to someone else’s blog post that has been deleted or an old skirt from Topshop which isn’t available on the website anymore. Most of my broken links actually come from comments where people have changed their blog since posting it which I unlink using the WordPress plugin. I’m not gonna lie, it can be a pretty laborious process and often feels like a huge task for little reward but if you’re serious about your DA then it’s well worth doing.

Ways You Can Give Your Blog Some TLC

Constantly try to improve your DA

What a pain in the arse domain authority is eh? So much so that I feel like I spend most of my blogging life trying to improve it! I’ve already mentioned deleting broken links which can help increase your DA and there are a few other things which you can do which I’ve mentioned in a previous blog post. I also like to update as many posts as possible to a green SEO score when I have the time. This doesn’t require much apart from the Yoast plugin and just a few keyword and meta description changes here and there!

Update ‘shop my wardrobe’ widget

I am the worst for this. If my widget was anything to go by, I’d never have any new clothes! It’s one of those things where I forget to add new products to it for months and months then suddenly I have like 30 things to add. Don’t be like me! Spend a little time every week to update your wardrobe and wish list to keep your blog looking relevant and up to date. Having a top notch ‘new in’ section could also boost your affiliate sales a tad if people like what they see… Not that any of us ever make it to the ShopStyle threshold to withdraw money looooool.

Add internal links

We all know how helpful internal links are for your DA so when I get a chance, I like to go back through old blog posts (all the way back to the beginning) and link any newer posts. This doesn’t take long at all if you search for a particular word at a time and have a good idea of the blog post you want to link it to. For example, after I’d written up my post about Rome, I went back to My Travel Bucket List and updated the word ‘Rome’ to my new blog post. It’s so easy to do and helps strengthen the internal threads of your SEO spiderweb!

Update your old posts

This is something I’m doing right now as I type this paragraph! The best way of getting page views on your blog is to produce engaging and informative content so it’s always worth scrolling back through your old posts and giving them a new lease of life. Whether that’s tidying up the grammar, adding another bullet point or just updating the content on there. Also, it’s kinda cheating but when I haven’t got the mental strength to write a whole blog post, I find it a lot easier to read back through an old one and update it… You still kinda get the satisfaction of publishing a new blog post too ๐Ÿ˜‰

Nobody ever said blogging was easy, particularly if you really want to make a go of it so don’t be surprised when you realise how much time giving your blog some attention can actually take. These are only a handful of ways you can give your blog some TLC but every little helps right?

How else do you give your blog the tender loving care it needs?


  1. Huda
    14/08/2018 / 20:29

    Such a helpful post! I used that website as well btw and omg the list was HUGE! I donโ€™t think I ever finished with it. I just started using this plugin instead that checks for broken links and that plugins shows me less links than that website so Iโ€™m a bit confused haha!
    Also, what website do you use for keyword research, I canโ€™t seem to find any that is free!
    Great post! xx

    • Katy
      17/08/2018 / 11:07

      I’m so glad it helped! I swear fixing broken links is the worst blogging chore! To be honest, I don’t really use any websites for keyword research! If you find any though then I’d love to know! x

  2. 27/05/2019 / 23:56

    I’m so bad at deleting broken links! Half the time the ‘source’ where it tells me it’s come from isn’t even there so all just becomes a bit of a pain. Just need to get into a habit of it I guess! Great post x


    • Katy
      28/05/2019 / 10:13

      It’s such a nightmare to do but it’ll be worth it in the end! x

    • Katy
      28/05/2019 / 10:13

      I hope they help! x

    • Katy
      28/05/2019 / 15:03

      Yeah it’s such a time consuming task isn’t it! x

    • Katy
      30/05/2019 / 08:16

      You’re welcome! I hope they help! x

  3. 14/01/2020 / 18:34

    So helpful!! I never even thought about broken links in my comment section! Great article!!

    • Katy
      17/01/2020 / 13:20

      I know! It’s such a mammoth task at first but it’s worth it ๐Ÿ™‚ x

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