My Travel Bucket List

Something I have always wanted to do more of is travel. It’s not like I was deprived of it growing up as we were lucky to go on holiday regularly but this was generally to places in the UK and the family classic, Center Parcs! So far, the furthest I’ve ever travelled to is Turkey which is why I feel such hunger to travel further.

I’ve always had a list on my phone (as we all know bloggers love a list) of all the places I want to visit, whether they’re in the UK or halfway across the globe. It’s as long as my arm now and after feeling inspired after reading Em’s travel bucket list, I thought I’d create one too!

travel bucket list


I can’t remember ever not wanting to go to Iceland. I’ve always been fascinated by the northern lights so it only seems natural to want to visit. My brother went on a school trip once and I was obsessed with looking through his photos of the blue lagoon, incredible views and waterfalls.


Ever since watching Zoe’s vlogmas last year, I have felt this craving to visit Edinburgh. It seems to me like the kind of place you should visit in autumn or winter so it’s probably a trip I should pencil in for next year. I’ve done my research on the Scottish capital and there are so many cute cafes, independent shops and cobbled streets which I would love to stroll around, wrapped up in a big tartan scarf with my camera!

New York

The Big Apple is one of the most iconic cities in the world and somewhere I would love to visit. I could write a book about every single reason why I want to go there. Burgers, High Line, Broadway, Time Square, yellow taxis, iHop, Central Park, Natural History Museum, amazing views, Chinatown, Knicks, Statue of Liberty, Sephora, doughnuts and of course, Walmart.


Who doesn’t want to go to the beautiful Greek island of Santorini? It looks like the most perfect place I could ever imagine and I can’t wait to visit one day. I imagine it’s the kind of place where you could take a picture anywhere and it would just look so picturesque (and Instagrammable). I loved exploring the Greek island of Thassos a few years back with Toby and would love to do the same with Santorini one day.


So I have this thing for Day of the Dead and sugar skulls and all that stuff so what would be more incredible than celebrating Dia de los Muertos in the heart of Mexico? I can picture the outfits, colours, smells, food and atmosphere – basically the opening scene of Spectre.


I bloody loved visiting Sorrento on a school trip and Venice a few years back on holiday with Toby so I feel the need to tick off another Italian city. I have a huge list of all the things I’d love to do there including walking around the Colosseum, eating gelato and just living that Lizzie McGuire movie life!


Also know as paradise. Also know as the place everyone wants to go to but nobody can afford. Now I’m not expecting to be going here for quite a while (I’m talking years and years) but it would be the ultimate dream to walk along white sandy beaches with the azure Indian ocean glistening out of the corner of my eye.


I have always felt desire to travel to Australia as I have family who live out there so I’ve grown up seeing tons of pictures and receiving a hell of a lot of kangaroo and koala merchandise over the years! I would swoon at the opportunity to go on a huge road trip for a couple of months so I could explore the country and see as much as possible! Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and the Gold Coast are at the top of my list but I’d be so happy to go anywhere!

What places are on your travel bucket list?


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