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Hello all, how’s everyone keeping? Good I hope? Just a quick blogging update first, I’m gonna have set days for blogging now as a part of my new ‘get organised’ regime. So mondays are now my so called ‘outfit day’ but don’t hold me to that – I’ve found myself dressed in jeans and a tee a lot recently so don’t get too excited haha. Wednesdays are my random ‘post what you feel like day’ which may consist of wishlists, tags, or maybe favourites. Fridays are for reviews, and sundays are my ‘pick of the week’ posts which I’ve actually really enjoyed making! So there we go, the new posting schedule which I hope (fingers crossed) to keep to. Now I know this is a friday which should be a review but I’m in an autumnal and wintery mood at the moment and haven’t done a tag in absolutely ages so I thought why not give the autumn tag a go?

For Autumn, what is your…

1. Favourite thing about it? 

As much as I hate the cold, I kinda like just being able to wrap up really warm, whack out the beanies, and I also have plenty of excuses to get into bed early yayayay.

2. Favourite drink? 

I don’t really like warm drinks to be honest, not a tea, coffee or hot chocolate lover. But I like getting a christmassy cinnamony drink from Starbucks when I have the time. Even if it is warm..

3. Favourite scent/candle?

I love love love Red Apple Wreath by Yankee Candle, that is my all time favourite Christmassy smell. Or something with cinnamon in, but not too strong.

4. Best lipstick?

I’m really bad at wearing lipstick in general so normally I’ll just stick with a lip balm to stop them chapping!

5. Go to moisturiser? 

I love just the Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser, it’s cheap and does the job overnight. For less than £4 it’s an ideal first moisturiser, recommend it to anyone! If I need something a bit thicker then normally I steal one of my mums Olay creams, can’t remember the name though, woops.

6. Go to colours for the eyes? 

I’ve been really loving the Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadowstick in Bad Bronze, with some more bronzey goldy colours from my MUA palettes. So gold/bronze!

7. Favourite music or band/singer to listen to? 

I’m one of those awful people who gets stuck into Christmassy songs very early on. I’ve also been listening to loads of Imagine Dragons though since I’m seeing them in November which I’m sooooo syked for.

8. Favourite outfit to wear? 

Okay, so be prepared.. I’m not saying the generic ‘baggy jumper’ answer but instead my onesie. I’ve got no problem with wearing it in public either, does that make me a bad fashion blogger?

9. Autumn treat?

I think my autumn treat is just having halloween in october, one of the best times of the year to go all out in fancy dress and look like a tit.

10. Favourite place to be?

Well I do love a good old sofa snuggle, watching a classic film with a toasty fire and my duvet. That is seriously just the best. Or being at the pub in the snug with my friends, drinking malibu and coke, playing trivial pursuit (and failing) and just chilling. Hmm that’s always nice.

So sorry about this chatty, not-really-talking-about-much post but I thought I’d update you guys!

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