Five Tips For Surviving A Christmas Hangover

For a lot of people, the festive season involves alcohol, and a lot of it. Even for someone like me who’s curbed the drinking in aid of a healthier lifestyle, I can’t help but find myself reaching for a pint! There’s always an excuse whether it’s meeting up with friends back from uni, having a cheeky mulled wine at lunch with the gals or your office Christmas party. The latter is exactly why I’m writing this post as I’d be lying if I said I felt a million dollars the day after my Christmas party. Whether you’re feeling just a tad groggy or like full on death (which is me 99% of the time after a night of drinking), here are a few tips for surviving a Christmas hangover.

Tips For Surving A Christmas Hangover


Remove last night’s makeup

When you’re pissed out your nut and just want to crash out in bed, the last thing on your mind is taking your makeup off. We’ve all been there – waking up the morning after the night before, mascara smudged, lipstick peeling off and your pillow looking pretty much identical to your face. The first thing I do, besides question why I ever thought re-enacting the Dirty Dancing lift was a good idea, is remove the remnants of last night’s smokey eye look and slap a shit tonne of moisturiser on.

Have a shower and put your cosiest Christmas PJs on

When you wake up looking and feeling like death, there’s nothing better than a hot shower. You need to sweat out all those bad choices from the night before and slip into some clean, cosy PJs (preferably with Christmas trees or gingerbread men on). It just instantly makes you feel ten times better and although it’s not enough to end the hangover, at least you’ll be more refreshed and smell less like the sambuca shot you dribbled down yourself at 3 o’clock in the morning.

Stay hydrated

For someone who loves and drinks water so much, I can’t stand the taste of it when I’m hanging. That’s probably more to do with the fact that I can still taste the beer from the night before than the actual taste of water itself but it’s so important to stay hydrated. One of the reasons you feel so shit after drinking alcohol is because you’re so dehydrated so make sure you keep topped up on the water front. And remember to sip your drink rather than down it because I swear it will make you feel so much worse and even cause you to throw up! Rehydrations tabs are a miracle if you can’t manage to stomach much and you can pick them up real cheap from Boots so it’s always worth having some in your cupboard!

Get some fresh air

Even though all you wanna do when you’re hanging is wrap yourself in your duvet with the lights off and blinds shut, it’s really beneficial to get some fresh air. Open up the windows, go for a walk (even if it lasts two minutes) or head to a Christmas market and get out of the stagnant pit that you call your bedroom!

Whack a Christmas film on and get snuggled in bed

If a trip out for fresh air seems out of the question, it’s time to get cosy in bed and pop a Christmas film on the telly. You can doze to your heart’s content and as long as you’ve got a sick bucket, packet of paracetamol and glass of water next to you, you’ll have all your hangover essentials. I think films can make your day go a lot quicker as well which is exactly what you want when you’re feeling rough.

Hangovers are literally the shittest thing ever and I can confidently say that I suffer from them so badly, even if I’ve only drunk two bottles of beer! So TRUST ME, if a hangover cure (well, not cure but a make-you-feel-less-shit tip) works for me then it may well work for you too.

Obviously these are all year round tips for surviving a hangover because people don’t just drink at Christmas but I thought I’d put a little festive twist on it!

What are your top tips for surviving a Christmas hangover?


  1. 11/12/2018 / 22:13

    In this order

    1) Glass of water
    2) Brush teeth
    3) Shower
    4) Food
    5) Fresh Air

    And if none of those 5 work…. then it’s a SERIOUS hangover

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