Four Things You Can Scrimp On At Christmas

Christmas isn’t cheap by any means. There’s a million and one things you need to buy and it can all get a tad overwhelming not only for you, but also your bank balance. There’s presents, food, the tree, decorations, wrapping paper, booze, outfits and loads of other things you need to splash out on so it’s no wonder why some of us get stressed out. I’m just fortunate that I still live at home without any children or responsibilities so I don’t have as much to buy around this time of year. However, it’s still bloody expensive! So much so, that I wanted to put together an informative post on a few things you can scrimp on at Christmas so you can save your pennies somewhere along the line!

Things You Can Scrimp On At Christmas


Wrapping paper

I find wrapping paper and ribbon and tags and all that malarkey so infuriating because it’s so damn expensive and where does it end up? In the bloody bin! This is why I majorly scrimp on all of the ‘present decorations’ because you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg on something which is only going to end up at the tip! It’s actual daylight robbery! That’s not to say I don’t put the thought or effort into wrapping because I really do and it’s one of my favourite things about Christmas but you just don’t need to blow £5 on 2m of glittery paper!

My favourite places to get wrapping paper, tags, ribbon, twine and candy canes from are Primark, Poundland and Wilko. I’m sorry but Toby picked up 12 metres of pretty fairisle print wrapping paper from Primark last year for £1. Yes, you read that right. A single Great British Pound. Was it the best quality? Nah but it made do and didn’t cost him an arm and a leg! Wilko offer 3 for 2 on all their wrapping paper and you can even get a 10 metre roll for £2 and pick up a 30 pack of tags and twine for another £2 (which I bought two years ago and I still have some left!) Poundland have similar prices and really cute designs so it’s worth popping in there as well!

If you’re on a budget, I also recommend sticking to plain brown parcel paper which you can pick up super cheap and then jazzing your presents up with some twine or ribbon. It’s simple and cost-effective!

Things You Can Scrimp On At Christmas


Maybe scrimping isn’t the best word in this case but you really don’t have to spend a stupid amount on presents. Firstly, you can set budgets with your friends and family and if you all stick to them then that should stop you from overspending. Secondly, you can get crafty and make your own presents!

Now I’m not saying go completely DIY if that’s not really your skillset but yanno, you can get a bit thrifty! Toby made chopping boards last year out of offcuts of wood from work which went down an absolute treat with his family. That’s not exactly the easiest present to make though so you could try a bitta cooking instead. You could cook up some delicious chutneys and pop them in jars with little ribbons around or make biscuits or mince pies and put them in a hamper. I’ve seen mine and Toby’s mum do it for years and they look really sweet and feel a bit special because they’re made with love!

Stocking fillers

Nowadays you can pick up stocking fillers so cheaply from places like Tiger, Wilko, Poundland, Primark, Amazon and supermarkets that it seems ridiculous to go anywhere else. When I’ve done stockings for Toby in the past, I’ve been surprised at how quickly everything adds up – even the little things like chocolate and socks so where possible, try and pick it up from the inexpensive shops! Don’t forget, stockings normally just contain all the random shit which you’ll never use so don’t bother wasting £8 on a wind up toy car which is just going to get thrown in the ‘random’ drawer!

Things You Can Scrimp On At Christmas


Okay so you can’t scrimp on decorations this year because it’s already peak time so prices are at their highest. But if you can make do until next year then it’s well worth picking up your decs in the January sales. It’s crazy how much the prices drop and you can save a huge amount of money whilst giving your tree a little face lift at the same time! This goes for things like wrapping paper and cards as well so you can save your pennies on a whole lotta stuff!

Even though Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, it’s also important not to live beyond our means and if you can scrimp on things then why not go for it! You shouldn’t feel any shame for wanting to save money here and there!

What are your top tips for saving money around Christmas? Is there anything you scrimp on?


  1. 05/12/2018 / 11:18

    Great post! This year, I’m gonna experiment with using brown paper instead of wrapping paper then putting some cute stickers or ribbons on them to jazz them up

    • Katy
      16/12/2018 / 22:03

      That’s such a great idea! I just don’t think you can go wrong with plain brown wrapping paper! x

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