My Highlights of 2018

It’s not uncommon to come across a blog post like this around this time of year. Amongst other things like last minute Christmas shopping and consuming a horrendous amount of gingerbread hot chocolates, reflecting on the past year is something a lot of us do around December time.

It’s just quite nice to look back on what you’ve achieved and how you’ve grown in the last 12 months and I always surprise myself when I do this. Not that I get to December and think ‘what the fuck have I been doing for the last year’ but I just forget about so many highlights and important memories.

highlights of 2018


Going self-hosted

I kicked off 2018 with a brand new layout and migration to WordPress, courtesy of Pipdig. I went self-hosted in a bid to really up my blogging game and I’m so glad I did because I think it’s worked (well, I hope so anyway). It really upped my motivation and made me feel way more professional so I felt more driven to create content and post regularly. I’m still so chuffed with the design and in complete awe of how much better WordPress is than Blogger – it’s in a completely different league! Honestly, if you’re thinking of switching over just do it because there’s no way you’ll regret it!

Winning a blog award at work

Blogging is such a massive part of my life both in and outside of the office and I really do pride myself on all the content I produce. The blog on our company website is like my second blogging baby and just like on here, I write weekly posts so it’s quite a big part of my job. So as you can imagine, I was over the moon when this year I got to pick up an industry blog award! I’m still so chuffed for our blog to have been the underdog in the competition and up against some huge names yet still come out on top!


I was fortunate enough this year to attend my first ever presentation at London Fashion Week which came in the form of the Camilla Elphick presentation. Toby’s sister works there which is how I got roped into getting involved and I was given the responsibility to take some photos for their website, social media, etc. It was pretty overwhelming but adrenaline kicked in pretty quickly and I was running around like a Duracell bunny with a camera! I got to meet some incredible people but the best part was just being able to help out at fashion week! It was so intense but everything was amazing from the venue to the models and I fell in love with more pairs of shoes than I care to mention!


Part of my birthday present this year from Toby was a city break to Rome and we had the most amazing time! It’s definitely been one of the highlights of my year which you can probably tell from my ‘travel tips for Rome‘ and ‘things to do in Rome‘ blog posts! It’s a beautiful city, full of history and incredible sights to see so if it’s not on your bucket list already then you need to add it on!

highlights of 2018

Semi conquering my anxiety

In December 2017 I had a horrendous panic attack at my Christmas party in London, my worst one yet. It resulted in me having to go home and I felt like the biggest let down ever. I was worried that it would end up affecting my job as only a month prior I had to bail on a big awards do because I felt too anxious to even leave the house.

Fast forward to November 2018 and I kicked anxiety right in the arse and attended that very same event without anything getting in my way. Yes, I felt sick as a dog beforehand but I didn’t let my thoughts run away with me and I made a conscious effort not to throw up which is something I’ve done for years. A lot of people might think ‘yeah, so what?’ but it’s a bloody huge deal for me to get a train up to London, attend an event where I only knew a handful of people despite there being close to 300 there, with loud noises, not being able to hear people, not knowing where the exits or toilets are, etc. But I did it and I’m so proud of myself!

I still had more than a few wobbly moments with my anxiety this year but I can’t even explain to you how much of a big deal this was!

Collaborating with Topshop

Picture this. I’m sat there at work and I see an Instagram message pop up and I notice a cheeky little blue tick next to the name. It’s only fucking Topshop! Honestly, I thought they’d messaged the wrong person because I didn’t believe for one single second that Topshop would ever want me to be a part of their community! It wasn’t exactly the biggest collab I’ve ever done financially but the fact I can officially say I’ve worked with Topshop is just mental.

I’m a firm believer that blogging isn’t all about the money but come on, being able to work with a brand who I’ve bought clothes from for years and years is pretty sweet right?

I’ve had so many other incredible memories and amazing moments this year but these are just a few highlights!

What are your highlights of 2018? I’d love to know!


    • Katy
      18/12/2018 / 21:08

      Thank you, you too! x

  1. 16/12/2018 / 21:28

    wow, you have truly accomplished so many great things this year! and to collaborate with topshop is just amazing! well done you! here is to 2019 xx

    • Katy
      18/12/2018 / 21:09

      It’s crazy! Have an amazing rest of 2018! x

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