Christmas Present Ideas For Her

I for one am buzzing to get my house in order for Christmas. I’ve already written down all my present ideas so now it’s all about the wait until Black Friday when I can finish off all my shopping and I’ll be sorted! However, I know not everyone is as mental as I am about the lead up to the festivities and some of you may be in need of some Christmas present ideas.

So here I am to lend you a helping hand. But instead of writing a guide for every member of your family, not to forget your partner, cousin’s mother’s daughter and your next door neighbour’s dog, I’m keeping it simple and just sticking to one gift guide for the gals in your life!

christmas present ideaschristmas present ideas


For the one who loves a pamper (AD)

REN is just one of those brands which nail everything they do. Their packaging is gorgeous, their ranges are suitable for everyone but most importantly, their products work like a dream. So when you stick the previous three statements into the Christmas present formula, it’s no surprise that REN comes out on top.

This body wash and lotion gift set sits just under the £40 mark but its worth £48 so you’re basically getting a tenner’s worth of product for free. It’s definitely further down the luxury end of the pampering spectrum but totally worth it if you want to treat someone with a delicious smelling, relaxing present. Individually, both the wash and lotion have five star reviews on REN’s website so they make the perfect pair in this gift set. The scent is gorgeous but not too overpowering and they make your skin feel so silky smooth. I’ll also mention here that both of them are A-OK with sensitive skin so if you’re anything like me or my mum, then you shouldn’t run into any problems with these!

If you’ve got the £££ then you should definitely add this to your Christmas present list for any women in your life who love a good pamper and actually appreciate a brand like REN!

christmas present ideas


For the one who’s always running late

There are certain presents which you just can’t go wrong with and a classic watch is definitely one of them! No matter whether it’s a birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s, anniversary or whatever present, a watch makes such a lovely yet practical present. Obviously there are hundreds of different shops out there where you can pick up a watch but Adexe has to be at the top of my list at the moment.

I’ve raved before about my silver watch which has been doing me well for the last few months and now I’m here to gush about the latest addition to my watch collection. It’s been featured in Marie Claire which slightly swayed my mind when deciding which piece I should choose but honestly, I just really love the petite style and the fact it’s all white. Just imagine this with a tan… BEAUT! I opted for the petite size which I’m really happy about as I only have teeny wrists and it fits perfectly, especially with the two genuine leather straps it comes with which don’t wrap around my wrist a million times! I can’t fault the quality of Adexe watches at all, especially for the price and that’s just one of the reasons why I think one of their pieces would make such a wonderful Christmas present!

They have both men’s and women’s watches in all sorts of styles, colours and sizes so there really is something for everyone whether you’re after something more simplistic or a bit jazzy. Also, their Christmas packaging is SO cute and I’m literally in love with the box. I’m not usually a package hoarder but there ain’t no way I’m chucking this box away! I’m sure someone would be a very happy bunny if they got to unwrap it on Christmas morning!

If you’d like to get your mitts on one of Adexe’s beautiful watches whether that’s as a present to your loved one or even for yourself (because it’s totally acceptable to buy yourself Christmas presents right?!) then feel free to nab 15% off with my code ‘RAWRDROBE15’. I’m sure they/you will absolutely love it and be really impressed with the quality because I am!

christmas present ideas


For the one who loves a blog

This idea actually came from Holly (btw she’s a massive babe and you should all go check her blog out) but I thought it was so good I had to include it! We all know and love Blogosphere Magazine, it’s an industry favourite to say the least but it’s not exactly the cheapest. So if you have a blogger or even just someone who loves reading blogs in your life then why not buy them a Blogosphere Magazine subscription? It’s £30 for four issues which lasts a year and I genuinely think that would make a really thoughtful present!

christmas present ideas


For the one who’s moving out

I’m not really one to go mental when a Youtuber releases a new book but I must admit I’ve been very excited for Zoe Sugg’s Cordially Invited. It’s not exactly the most groundbreaking piece of literature I’ve ever read when one of the entries literally just tells you how to make mash. Last time I checked, that wasn’t rocket science. BUT it’s quite a sweet book, it looks so pretty and I think it would make a lovely present for your pals who love entertaining or have just moved out.

christmas present ideas


For the one who loves a G&T

We’ve all got that friend who consumes more gin than water right? Even though there are so many products on the market now aimed at the ginaholics, I’ve spotted one which I think is a great alternative to the classic presents. Cue The King’s Ginger. As you can probably guess by the name, The King’s Ginger is a golden spirit with… a kick of ginger! It’s such a festive drink because you can have in mulled wine or cider and just feels like a Christmassy alternative to gin!

I really hope these Christmas present ideas have given you a bit of inspiration and I would love to know your best suggestions too!

What’s at the top of your Christmas list this year?

Moroccan Rose gift set gifted by REN, watch gifted by Adexe, ginger liqueur gifted by The King's Ginger


  1. 07/11/2018 / 22:07

    Great suggestions! I love a great gift set from beauty brands. That’s the best part of the holidays when brands come out with their affordable gift sets. Call me lame but I do love a good gift card as well LOL.

    xx, Des |

    • Katy
      23/11/2018 / 20:34

      Yes I’m so with you on that one! x

  2. 09/11/2018 / 14:59

    Oh this is such a great guide! I love a good beauty box set. There’s nothing on my list as of yet but I’m excited to eat all the food! Haha x

    • Katy
      23/11/2018 / 20:35

      Thank you! Oh God I’m so excited for festive food! x

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