20 Reasons Why I’m Excited For Spring/Summer This Year

It’s impossible at the moment to scroll through your Instagram without seeing 10 bloggers (including myself) moaning about the weather. ‘Where the hell is the sun?’ we all ask! According to BBC weather, it’s not going to be warming up properly where I live until the weekend so roll on Saturday!

I literally cannot wait until spring to fully come into season because let’s be honest, none of us are really feeling spring vibes at the moment as we step outside layered in jumpers, scarves and black boots. Since I’m that buzzing about the new season, I figured I’d write a blog post on why I cannae wait for spring, just like I did back at Christmas.

excited for spring


1. No more de-icing my car. Hopefully I can kiss goodbye to my de-icer spray that’s been wedged into my car door since November time.

2. I can actually wear every single pair of sunnies I’ve bought which equates to around 20. Note to self: Stop buying sunglasses, you only have one head.

3. Having a pint outside at the pub with my friends, discussing whose house we should have a barbie at next week.

4. MY BIRTHDAY! I’m just one of those people who absolutely loves their birthday. This year I’m having a party at home with my nearest and dearest and since I didn’t really celebrate my 21st, I can’t wait to have all my friends and family together.

5. Not having to wear a coat – does this concept excite anyone else as much as it does me?

excited for spring

6. I can finally take blog photos after work! No more waiting for the weekends to take a gazillion photos because now I can just do it when it get home!

7. My besties from uni are all coming home!

8. I get to buy a new pair of Converse. So basically, to kerb my excessive spending habits, I try to only buy a new pair of Converse once a year at the beginning of summer and I’m in desperate need of some more!

9. The smell of BBQs. Who can’t resist the smell of sausages or burgers cooking? Except veggies maybe…

10. Painting my nails in summery colours. Farewell burgundy nails for the foreseeable future!

excited for spring

11. Road tripping around Kent – I actually mentioned this in one of my Instagram posts a couple of weeks ago but I’d really love to explore more of my home county this summer. I’m so up for just grabbing a bag, picking my friends up, sticking a cracking playlist on and travelling around to new places!

12. After what feels like forever, I can finally whack out the St Moriz again and start wearing summer dresses with bare legs. I’m also seriously looking forward to wearing bardot style tops again which were my saving grace last year. The one I’m wearing in all these pictures is my new favourite from Shop Tobi and I can just tell I’m going to bore everyone to death by wearing it non-stop.

13. Heading down to the beach for a stroll and fish and chips.

14. No more rain (hopefully). We have had enough bad weather to last us a lifetime and I’m so done with it. It really does put me in the worst mood when I see how drizzly it is outside so I’m praying for sun, sun and more sun from now on.

15. Walking down to the shop to pick up a bunch of ice-lollies for everyone at work… Fruit Pastille flavour all the way!

excited for spring

16. Potentially going on holiday! This isn’t for definite unfortunately as I would do anything to jet away this year but the struggle to save for a mortgage is real! The idea of a week or two away is getting me so excited for summer so now I’ve just got to convince Toby!

17. ASOS binging on their summer collection and bikinis despite probably not buying any of them!

18. Popping down to my local fruit farm to go strawberry picking and pick up some local apple juice because it is truly delicious!

19. Flowers. How summery does it make you feel when you look out in the garden and see colourful flowers everywhere? Or walk down the street and see how pretty the gardens all look? Plus, it will make my blog photos look ten times better!

20. The sun not going down until 10 because who doesn’t love to sit in the garden with a beer while it’s still light!

After writing all of these points, I’ve suddenly remembered one reason why I wouldn’t mind waiting a few months for spring/summer to kick in… Hayfever aka the bane of life for half of the year. I actually envy people who have never had it and don’t know what it feels like to walk around the house with tissues stuffed up your nose, have to carry a never-ending supply of tablets and tissues around with you and spend half an hour doing your makeup just to cry it off. It’s not cute.

What makes you so excited for spring this year?

Top gifted by Shop Tobi


    • Katy
      29/04/2018 / 08:56

      I love autumn too! x

  1. 27/04/2018 / 16:16

    It’s definitely summer when you bring out your pair of converse! Haha, I’m also looking forward to not wearing a coat, and too many layers! I could live in shorts and a tee forever. Love your outfit hun xx

    • Katy
      29/04/2018 / 08:55

      Not having to wear a coat is the BEST thing! x

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