Four Ways To Make Money During Lockdown

Times are tough for everyone right now, whether that’s mentally or financially. The majority of the country are either working from home or furloughed and some poor people have even lost their jobs. What a shitty time we are living in! With the rise in redundancies and reduced salaries, I thought it would be helpful to share a few ways to make money during lockdown.

Ways To Make Money During Lockdown


Look for farming work

If you’re sat at home doing sweet FA and need something to pay the bills and keep you busy, check out the local farms and packing houses to see if they need a hand. It’s currently asparagus season, with strawberry season’s just around the corner and there’s tonnes of other fruit and veg that will need picking and packing too otherwise it could all go to waste. Normally, eastern Europeans would fill these sorts of roles but given the current restrictions, they can’t actually get over here to work. All you need to do is give your local farm a call, drop them an email or find them on Facebook where they’ll post if they have any jobs going.

Use TopCashback when you buy online

I know we’re not all big spenders right now but you can make a little extra cash by using the likes of TopCashback when you spend money online. Next time you think about ordering off ASOS, Urban Outfitters or any of your favourite shops, head to TopCashback first to nab up to 20% back from your purchase.

Ways To Make Money During Lockdown

Pitch to brands

It’s understandable that not all brands are going to have the budget to work with influencers *ew still hate that word* at the moment but if you’re confident in approaching brands for collaborations and paid work then go for it! If you can secure an #ad then that’s a great way of earning some pennies and propelling your blogging career. Have a think about what brands will benefit the most out of exposure at this time during lockdown. Perhaps skincare, loungewear and takeaway services?

Become a tutor

Thousands of kids are currently being home-schooled and you could really help out a family struggling to tutor their children by offering to do it for them in exchange for a few bob. Obviously you need to make sure you know enough about their syllabus that you can actually teach them but it could be quite an easy way of making money.

Can you think of any more ways to make money during lockdown?


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      Good luck with it Amber 🙂 x

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