Six Ways You Can Treat Yourself Without Breaking The Bank

Self-care this, self-love that. It’s all over the interwebs at the moment, people just can’t get enough of the stuff! Don’t get me wrong, I completely get the whole self-care hype but someone of us can’t afford to be spending £££ on spa days when we’ve got loans to pay and a new perfume to save for! Here are a few ways you can treat yourself whether it’s for self-care purposes or you just need a little pick me up which don’t break the bank.

ways you can treat yourself


Spend your Boots points

One of my favourite ways to treat myself which doesn’t involve spending actual money is to use up my Boots points. I’ve mentioned this before in my ‘ways to save money on beauty products‘ post but I genuinely think it’s the best way to treat yourself and have the satisfaction of buying something without making a dent in the old bank balance. I like saving up my points just like I’ve been doing over the last year or so and then I can treat myself with a new perfume or whatever I fancy when the time comes.

Switch off

On those days where I’ve literally got pennies in the bank, there’s nothing better than getting into my PJs and sticking a film. Sometimes switching off from social media and Whatsapp can be a blessing and allow you to just wind down and relax which definitely goes down as a treat in my book!

ways you can treat yourself

Pamper nights

A pamper night at home with the dogs might be the budget version of a luxury spa day in the countryside but it’s still a treat right? Run the hottest, deepest, bubbliest bath, light some candles and prop up your laptop with Gossip Girl ready and raring to go. Have a rummage in your skincare drawer and pull out your favourite face mask, moisturiser and whatever else you enjoy using and just have a good old pamper sesh! You could even go as far as making your own face masks if you’re really low on money!

FaceTime your pals

If you don’t get to catch up with your friends a lot whether they’re just down the road, at uni at the other end of the country or travelling around the opposite side of the world, make some time to talk to them. You’ll feel so much better for seeing and speaking to them, even if it’s just over the phone and if you don’t do it often, it’ll feel like a lovely little treat!

ways you can treat yourself

Buy something small

Some of us just wanna treat ourselves by buying something and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that as long as you’re not spending huge amounts frequently. Instead, look at the small things that’ll cheer you up like a new candle, your favourite chocolate, that belt you’ve been eyeing up on ASOS for far too long. This is what I’ve literally just done, spent £12 on some new espadrilles to congratulate myself for being given another job/responsibility at work (and because it’s payday)!

Putting your favourite film on or binging on Netflix

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have all your favourite feel-good films on DVD or downloaded on your laptop. Failing that, there’s a million and one TV series to binge watch on Netflix when you can’t afford to hit up the cinema. I think this is one of the best ways you can treat yourself if you’re short on money!

ways you can treat yourself

Obviously there are tonnes of ways you can treat yourself from the teeny weeny things to the luxury purchases but these are a few ways I like to treat myself when I’m down in the dumps!

Are there any ways you can treat yourself which you recommend? 

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