Six Tips For Shooting Content At Home

Back in the early days of blogging, I used to shoot all my outfits at home with my dad’s old camera balanced on books and boxes, posing in different areas of the house. Fast forward to today and I’ve reverted back to the old school ways of shooting since there’s zero chance of getting out the house.

I’m pretty happy with the results of my four-hour shooting session so I thought you might it handy for me to share my tips for shooting content at home since it’s something we’re all trying to get to grips with.

tips for shooting content at home


Find the best lighting

Lighting can be a bitch. We all know that and unless you shoot in RAW, it can make editing a tricky task. So try and make things easy for yourself by shooting in daylight so there’s no need for the lights turned on (which will give your photos a warm and yellowy tint). Why not make the most out of the sun shining through the blinds as well and experiment with different shadows and shapes? And make sure you plan your shoots around the time of day the sun hits the room your shooting in so you don’t waste time fannying around setting up your tripod when it’s either too bright or too dark to take any photos.

Get yourself a tripod

A tripod really is the holy grail of home shooting. You can pick them up for £15 off Amazon and they will be an absolute lifesaver, trust me. Balancing your camera on books and boxes will only get you so far!

tips for shooting content at home

Connect your camera and phone

Does anyone remember the days where you’d shoot your photos by pressing the 10 second self-timer button then running to your posing spot over and over again until you finally got a photo in shot, in focus? Well those days are well and truly over thanks to wireless camera connection apps which make life 100 times easier. They basically allow you to change the camera settings and control the shutter button so you can easily see what’s in the viewfinder and take the photos yourself. If only they existed in 2012!

Don’t be scared to rearrange your house

Toby almost had a heart attack when he saw the mess I’d created around the house after a few hours of shooting. It legit looked like a tornado had whizzed in through the front door and turned the gaff over but I like to think it was all worth it. I brought plants from the living room upstairs, swapped chairs around and moved prints and mirrors to wherever I needed them to make my shots a bit more ‘instagrammy’ you know?

tips for shooting content at home

Set aside a few hours

It’s up to you whether you want to take an outfit shot a day or smash out a tonne in a few hours which is what I did. Personally, I’d rather take a load in one go because they’re all done and dusted and I can get into that creative shooting mode. Also, you only have to put makeup on once and for any lazy gals like me, that is a big selling point!

Push the boat out

While you’re in the comfort of your home, why not try something new? I’m normally very camera shy and the least photogenic person EVER so I’m really enjoying having a bit more time to play around with my posing and style of shots (like the selfie ones in this post). I’ve been loving the whole ‘fake mirror’ style of shooting where you set up your tripod and pose in front of it as if you were taking a mirror shot through your phone. It’s so handy for people like me who don’t have an aesthetic mirror area in their houses – fake it til you make it guys!

So there are a few of my tips for shooting content at home during this funny lockdown period we’re living in at the moment. I hope they help if you’re struggling a bit and remember that Instagram is the best source of inspiration so if you need any posing or background ideas!

Do you have any tips for shooting content at home?


  1. 20/04/2020 / 10:57

    I love this 😀 you should see my living room now lol. It hasn’t been the same since quarantine because of me taking pictures at home.

    • Katy
      19/06/2020 / 17:41

      Haha I feel you Shana! x

  2. 26/04/2020 / 13:54

    Fab post! I really need to start getting a bit more creative with my photos again! And I definitely need to invest in a tripod, as I still haven’t got around to it and I think it’ll just make my life so much easier!

    • Katy
      19/06/2020 / 17:40

      YESSSSSS you definitely need a tripod! x

  3. 27/04/2020 / 15:09

    I’d be lost without my tripod and camera app for photos! I think the lockdown has definitely all of our creative sides as to taking photos in our houses! x

    Lucy |

    • Katy
      19/06/2020 / 17:40

      Yes for sure! I’m even tempted to continue shooting all my outfits from home after lockdown ends! x

  4. 27/07/2020 / 22:47

    Some great tips. I definitely need to try setting aside some time, as I end up shooting randomly and then never have enough time to get more than one shot.

    What I Have Wrote 

    • Katy
      28/07/2020 / 11:08

      Oh yes, I know exactly what you mean! Just make sure you allocate a couple of hours of your day to it 🙂 x

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