40 Things You Can Do To Save Money

When I was saving for a mortgage, I would do absolutely anything I could to save my pennies no matter how big or small it was. I’ve sort of accumulated this list of things you can do to save money as time has gone on and I can hand on heart say, even if you stick to just a few of these ideas, you’ll be able to cut down your spending!

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1. Start using TopCashback to earn cashback on online purchases – if you use it properly, you can make £100s no joke!

2. Buy something through Compare The Market so you can make the most of their 2 for 1 deals on cinema tickets and meals out (it’s so worth it).

3. Buy a flask and make your coffee before you leave the house.

4. Avoid days out to shopping centres and go to a park or somewhere else where you’ll be less tempted to spend money.

5. Stick to a list when you do your food shopping (we’ve all been tempted by the offers let’s not lie).

6. Cut down how many people you buy birthday presents for (savage, I know).

7. If you don’t use your gym membership, cancel it.

8. Buy a railcard to save a third off train tickets.

9. Organise nights in with your friends instead of going out  – you can have pamper nights, movie marathons, play board games

10. Use different email addresses to make the most of new customer discounts.

11. Hit up Poundland for cleaning products, they’re so much cheaper!

12. Cut down the amount of alcohol you drink, you’ll save a bomb!

13. Buy seasonal items when they’re in the sales – pick up Christmas decs in January and Halloween outfits in November to save your pennies for the next year!

14. Use the budgeting functionality in Monzo or create a spreadsheet to help you budget.

15. Buy the cheap version of medication like cough medicine (it’s all the same thing, even Martin Lewis said so).

16. Keep the labels on clothes until you wear them so if the shop you bought them from suddenly has a sale or discount, you can return the items and repurchase them for cheaper.

17. Shop in the reduced section and freeze it.

18. Find out from your employer what benefits you are entitled to – you might be able to save some money on insurance or gym memberships.

19. Have a massive clear out of all your belongings and sell what you don’t need.

20. Create a penny pot in Monzo where it rounds your purchases up to the nearest pound and puts the extra pennies into a savings pot.

vennel viewpoint edinburgh

21. Stick to only buying your drinks at the pub, no rounds!

22. Keep some chicken dippers, potato waffles or whatever junk food you love in your freezer so next time you’re craving a takeaway, you can just cook up the frozen, crappy, salty, delicious food instead!

23. Try out supermarkets’ own branded food, normally it’s half the price and just as good.

24. Ask on Twitter for student discount codes to make your online shops cheaper.

25. Get free eye and hearing tests.

26. Don’t always think buying stuff at duty-free is the cheapest option.

27. Eat leftovers for your lunch the next day.

28. Hunt for coupons and vouchers before you make online purchases (o2 Priority, Groupon and VoucherCodes are fab).

29. Research bank accounts and pick the one with the best benefits or interest rates.

30. If you’re like me and only drink water, instead of buying bottles when you’re out, take a reusable one or just ask for a glass of tap water at coffee shops.

31. At Christmas, make hampers filled with homemade treats (biscuits, chutney, chocolates, jam) instead of buying presents.

32. Try to avoid the ‘treat yourself’ mentality when you can’t afford it.

33. Grab a Big Mac and fries for £1.99 just by filling out a quick survey and save yourself a few quid.

34. Wait until the blockbuster film you want to see at the cinema has been out for a while before you go and see it so the price of tickets reduces.

35. Take your leftovers home from restaurants rather than just letting them go to waste.

36. Stick a jumper and extra pair of socks on and turn down your thermostat or stick it on a timer so it only heats the house up just before you get back from work.

37. Book train tickets ahead of time as they are usually discounted up to 12 weeks in advance.

38. Ask for discount where you can – don’t ask, don’t get!

39. Before you buy something, check eBay and Depop first to see if they have it.

40. Keep all your coppers in a money box and whenever you’re desperate for money, bag them up, take them to the bank and you’ll be surprised at how much they would’ve accumulated to.

Some of these are so easy to do, you’ve just got to give them a go. I mean it’s not hard to pick up the Tesco value multivitamins instead of the branded ones is it?

Do you have any tips for things you can do to save money?

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