Six Tips For Your First Day At A New Job

A new year means a new job for a lot of people and no matter how old you are, the first day at a new job can be scary shit. It’s like a flashback to your first day at school where you don’t know anyone and want to eat in the toilets, Cady Heron style. With this in mind, I thought it might be handy for me to share some tips for your first day at a new job for those of you who are kick starting 2020 somewhere new, maybe even doing something different.

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Don’t spend lunch on your own

It’s the classic image isn’t it? Sat in a toilet cubicle on your laz with a packed lunch, praying for that hour’s lunch break to go quicker. And trust me, it’s easy to do that but do you really want to be that person? I think it’s so important to start building relationships from day dot and spending your first lunch with your team or someone you’ve instantly clicked with is a big part of that. Also, I have this thing where it makes me really sad to think of people eating on their own (to the point I’d go and sit next to people eating on their own in the lunch hall at school) so please, just don’t spend lunch on your own.

If you’re nervous about asking people what their lunch plans are, you can always ask “where’s the nearest coffee shop?” or “is there anywhere nearby I can fill my car up?” and more often than not, someone will say they’ll come with you or show you the way and you can spend your lunch with them!

Wear the right clothes

To save yourself feeling uncomfortable being either over or under-dressed, make sure you ask your employer what the dress code is before your first day. And if you’ve got an interview in the office or wherever you’ll be working beforehand, try and get a good glimpse of what everyone else is wearing so you can base your outfit on that. If you feel physically comfortable in what you’re wearing (aka not turning up in a suit when the rest of the staff are wearing jeans and a hoodie) then you’re bound to feel more confident.

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Join in with the banter

Okay so not everyone is aboard the banter bus and some people prefer to keep their nut down but one of the best things you can do to fit in with a new team is join in when they’re having a laugh. I think it’s the easiest way to fit in and settle with your new colleagues and who wouldn’t want to have a good crack at work?

Remember names

On your first day, you’re bound to be introduced to a tonne of different people and you’re probably going to be thinking, “fuck, what was that lady’s name who has the curly hair in accounts?” so WRITE IT DOWN. Either in a notepad or a note on your phone, jot down everyone who you’ve been introduced to, their name and job so you don’t forget them. It will save the awkward I’ve-forgotten-your-name-even-though-I-only-met-you-two-hours-ago situation!

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Bring in food

Everyone loves food. That is a fact. So on your first day, why not bring in some homemade treats or even just raid Tesco’s bakery section to get some little bits and bobs for your new colleagues to share? You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg or five hours slaving away in the kitchen.. Honestly, it will go down a treat. It will help you start building relationships and it’s a great conversation starter!

Just be yourself

There is absolutely no point putting on a front because you’ll get caught out or won’t be able to keep it up so just be yourself! Don’t feel pressured into saying or doing anything you don’t want to and just open up and show off your personality. You’ll make a far bigger impact if you’re unapologetically you (unless you’re a massive twat) from the outset and people will like you for you, not the facade you have.

So if you’re starting 2020 in a new job, firstly, good luck and secondly, remember these tips. Hopefully they can make your first day a little less awkward and painful!

Do you have any tips for your first day at a new job?

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