How To Motivate Yourself To Exercise In Winter

I don’t particularly want to exercise at the best of times so when you add dark, chilly evenings into the mix, it feels like an impossible task to get my arse to the gym. Throughout spring and summer I’m normally buzzing to drive straight to the gym after work but as soon as the nights draw in, the desire to go home and get into my PJs and dressing gown seems much more appealing. So I’m basically writing this blog post to give myself a kick up the arse as well as you lovely lot. If you struggle to motivate yourself to exercise in winter then carry on reading!

motivate yourself to exercise in winter


Remember why you’re exercising

What are your reasons for working out? If you were hitting the gym in summer for that ‘bikini bod’ which we’re all pressured to have, then it’s not very likely that you’ll be as motivated in winter if you haven’t got a beach holiday planned. Whereas if your goal is to lose weight or feel fitter in yourself, you’ll be far more likely to stay focused because you’re not just doing it for the sake of a holiday! My aim is to improve my fitness and health now that I’ve shed a stone and I know that I can do that all year round, not just in the warmer seasons!

Work out in the mornings

I find it a million times easier to hit up the gym first thing. I feel like I have way more energy and it’s just a great feeling to get your workout done and out of the way, especially if you just wanna chill for the rest of the day. I also think because it’s lighter, it’s easier to feel motivated and you’ll be less likely to sack of the gym to get into bed and watch Netflix!

Get a gym buddy

I’m definitely more of a lone wolf when it comes to working out but I find that having a gym buddy can really help with motivation. Having your pal there to give you that kick up the arse when you need it most can be so beneficial and make you less likely to bail on a gym session!

Take up a new sport

You might feel more motivated to exercise if you venture outside of your normal routine and take up a new sport. If you’re used to playing tennis throughout summer but don’t really fancy it in the wind and the rain then why not try out something else? It will add some excitement to your workout and you never know, you might fall in love with it! Even though I loved swimming in the warmer months, it’s still something I enjoy when it’s freezing outside too and on those days when I just cba for the gym, it gives me another option.

Make sure you’ve got the right kit

When the temperature dropped, one of the reasons why I couldn’t be arsed with working out is because I didn’t have the right clothes. Make sure you invest in some thermal leggings, tops and hoodies or even gloves if you’re running outside so you’re fully prepared for the bitter chill. I know it sounds materialistic but I always feel more motivated when I buy new workout clothes!

motivate yourself to exercise in winter

I know it’s easy peasy to say all this and it’s a lot harder to actually put it into action but just think about it, if you really wanted to lose weight, tone up or improve your fitness then you’d just get your arse to the gym! Please feel free to throw some more motivation around in the comments because you can never have enough!

How do you motivate yourself to exercise in winter?

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  1. 16/11/2018 / 15:07

    New kit ALWAYS motivates me to work out! I like to go to classes too, I find they’re easier to motivate myself to go to sometimes!

    Lucy |

    • Katy
      23/11/2018 / 20:51

      You’re so right about the kit! I’ve never really gotten into classes but a lot of my friends do them and love them! x

    • Katy
      23/11/2018 / 20:52

      Hahahaha at least it means you’ve done a good workout! x

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