My Proudest Blogging Moments

It’s fair to say I’ve been blogging for quite a while. Six years to be exact and in that time I’ve had highs, lows and occasions where I was extremely close to giving up. I’ve had the most incredible opportunities to work with some amazing brands and household names which I will never ever take for granted and no amount of lows will ever taint those moments. So since it’s been six years since I first clicked publish on The Rawrdrobe, I thought it would be the best time to reflect on some of my proudest blogging moments.

proudest blogging moments


Working with my favourite brands

I squeal with excitement and wiggle my toes (it’s just something I always do when I’m excited) whenever an ‘exciting email’ pops up in my inbox whether it’s from a well-known brand or a small startup. I just can’t explain how great it feels to non-bloggers when your hard work and creativity has been acknowledged by a company, like an ACTUAL company! Being able to collaborate with some of my all-time favourite brands including the likes of Benefit is truly incredible and even though I’m just a small blogger, I still get pinch me moments! It’s also pretty cool to say to your friends that you’re leaving work early to go and try out YO Sushi’s new restaurant because you’ve earned it!

proudest blogging moments

Hitting 100 followers on GFC

Do any old school bloggers remember GFC? What a throwback! I don’t even know if Blogger still has it but back in 2012 that how many of us followed blogs (through Google Friend Connect). I will never forget the pure excitement of hitting 100 followers and finally being able to tell my mum and dad why I was ‘wasting so much time’ on my laptop.. Because I had 100 people reading my very own blog! Hitting those figures on social media deserves its own mention too because it’s bloody hard these days with all these people following then unfollowing you and playing the most pathetic games!

Not giving up

This is a bit of a backwards proud moment but the fact that I have been writing this blog since I was doing my GCSEs and haven’t packed it in is a real achievement. I’ve had plenty of moments, as I mentioned earlier, where I was |      | <– this close to throwing the towel in. I’m so glad I didn’t and even though over the years, I may not have been the most reliable blogger for a post every Wednesday and Sunday, I sure as hell am proud that I’ve never once given up on The Rawrdrobe!

proudest blogging moments

Getting a blog design and domain

I was SO proud of my little blog when I first got it designed years back by Pipdig who I still use today. It was worlds away what it is now but it was the first time my blog seemed like a real website and with the help of a GoDaddy domain, I felt professional af. After years of trying to hide my blog, I finally became really proud to show people what I was doing in my spare time!

Receiving my first paycheck

Yes yes yes, I know, blogging isn’t about the £££ but it feels pretty damn good when you’ve earned money from doing something which only started out as a hobby. I remember my first sponsored post which earned me around £30 and I was absolutely chuffed to bits. It’s nothing compared to the big ballers in the blogosphere but it makes you feel kinda accepted into this crazy blogging world where it’s not easy to get noticed amongst hundreds of thousands of other bloggers!

I’m sure there have been so many more moments where I’ve let out a little squeal of excitement because I’ve received an email from a brand which I thought would have no interest whatsoever in me or I’ve hit a milestone on my social media but these are just a few that I can think of right now.

What are your proudest blogging moments?

On a completely different but somewhat similar to the first point note (did that even make sense, idk), I was fortunate enough to be gifted this ah-maz-ing polka dot jumpsuit from Joy.. Seriously, how much do you love it?! I’ve never ever been one for culottes but I’ve been 100% converted by my new summer staple AND IT’S GOT POCKETS! They’ve got so many women’s clothes on their site and I’ve become totally obsessed with this jumpsuit now as well! *Insert string of heart eye emojis here*


  1. 30/03/2018 / 19:41

    Congrats on every single win girl ♥

    I personally haven’t got any big blogging moments because I’m not making any from it (yet), but I love being acknowledged by other bigger bloggers when I mention them in one of my posts or recommend a post of theirs ^^.

    Sora |

    • Katy
      29/04/2018 / 08:57

      Thanks Sora! I’m sure you’ve got some amazing moments in there somewhere 🙂 x

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