15 Things That Improve My Mood When I’m Down In The Dumps


I’d say I’m a pretty happy person in general. 90% of the time I’m laughing (my friends will know this as cackling) and having a right old jolly but that other 10% ain’t great. If I’m in a bad mood then I’m basically a pro at making it even worse and overthinking things so it’s really important for me to know exactly how I can improve my mood and get out of a rut.

None of us feel 100% all of the time so today I thought I’d share with you all what can cheer me up when I’m feeling down and even though some of these points are specific to me, you can try them too!

how to improve my mood


1. Getting into my trackies, taking off my makeup and shoving my hair up in a ponytail. If you don’t do this as soon as you get home from a stressful day at work then you should seriously try it some time.

2. Watching a Marvel film. *Eye roll* Katy’s talking about Marvel again. Yeah, I know.. I’m obsessed! Whenever I’ve had a down day, I really do love to stick a Marvel film on. It instantly cheers me up and I have been known to watch the same film on repeat for a day – I mean have you ever seen The Avengers?!

3. Pizza. Need I say any more?

4. Tidying my room up, putting clothes away and just having a general clear out can improve my mood SO much. I think it’s because I like being productive so if I get shit done then it’s bound to cheer me up.

5. A notification popping up on the group chat saying ‘pub?’ – it’s as simple as that.

6. Time on my own can sometimes be the best solution for improving my mood but it really depends on how I’m feeling. I do get those days though, as I’m sure everyone else does, where I just want my own company and to blank every single human in the world out of my life even though that sounds really dark!

7. A massive ASOS binge where I add at least 32 items to my saved list including at least eight which I absolutely cannot afford.

how to improve my mood

8. Doing a workout. This is more of a recent thing since I’ve started trying to improve my lifestyle but going to the gym and getting your sweat on can increase the level of endorphins which is fab news for your mood.

9. Getting out of the house and seeing my friends can often be the best solution for a bad mood. Whether that’s popping over for a quick chat, going to the cinema or just having a pint at the pub. Just having the right company can make such a difference to how I’m feeling.

10. Putting on The Greatest Showman soundtrack, particularly ‘Come Alive’ and ‘The Other Side’. This can truly work wonders.

11. Scrapbooking is so good for cheering me up and never fails to uplift my mood someway or another. It’s normally from looking back at funny memories but as I mentioned earlier, I love feeling productive so sometimes it’s more the fact that I’ve actually done something with my time!

12. A big ol’ pamper – who doesn’t love a face mask and a bath?

13. Just accepting it. Sometimes I get myself into an even worse state of mind if I can’t accept the fact that I’m pissed off or upset so occasionally that’s the root of the problem and I just need to be like ‘hey, I’m a crap mood but let’s not spend the rest of the day like it’.

14. Going out for food or getting a takeaway ALWAYS cheers me up. Let’s say Toby text me in the peak of my bad mood saying ‘Do you wanna go to Wagas for dinner? xxx’, my mood would improve by 3000% and then I would piss myself in excitement.

15. Having a fag as you can imagine can hugely improve my mood but I wouldn’t recommend it ~ just being honest ~

So there you go. If you ever catch me in an appalling mood then you know that you need to urgently get me a slice of pizza, pack of fags and stick Guardians of the Galaxy on the TV!

Do you have any tips for improving a bad mood?

P.S. You’re probably sick to the back teeth of seeing this coat if you follow me on Instagram (cheeky plug) but I am obsessed with it. This was in fact the outfit I wore to the Camilla Elphick presentation at LFW when I was trying to be slightly more fash-un than my everyday look and that’s where the jazzy coat came into play!

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