Balancing Blogging and a Full Time Job


Hats off to anyone with a full-time job who also has enough time to invest in their blog. Seriously, I don’t know how anyone does it.

I’ve been in my first proper job now for coming up to four months and since I started I’ve watched my blog fall apart right in front of my eyes. Gone are the days when I could lounge around watching Netflix whilst typing up a few blog posts, taking some snaps, editing them and then scheduling them all. That just seems impossible now!

Even scheduling social media is a pain in the arse now when all I do is spend my days marketing at work to then come home and work on my freelance social media business. So the idea of having to do even more social media just doesn’t appeal to me anymore. My blog suddenly feels more like a job than a hobby and I feel like I’m going to get fired!

I’ve done some digging and found the most useful tips I could to help anyone else who’s struggling with the balance.

Stick to a schedule

I’m planning on blogging once a week in the new year, no more, no less. Then I know all my blog posts will be of the same quality and I have enough time to write them.

Set goals that are reasonable and achievable

Even though I’d love to say I can write three blog posts a week and take extra photos for my Instagram, realistically it’s just not going to happen. Instead of crossing my fingers and hoping, I’m going to set more reasonable objectives like one blog post a week, one Instagram every other day and a maximum time of four hours a week on it all.

Don’t do it all at once

Take baby steps when it comes to writing your blog posts – I’m going to try and write plan the post one day, then write it the next, then take the pictures.. You get the idea!

Don’t bite off more than you can chew

You might be keeping up with your schedule but don’t get too ahead of yourself, you might not be able to keep up for much longer if your workload increases.

What are your tips for balancing blogging with a full-time job?


Emily Newstead says:

Such great tips, thank you! I'm currently studying and I find it very hard to be consistent with my posts because I don't have a lot of spare time at the moment.

Emily xo

Katy Stephenson says:

It's hard isn't it? Good luck with uni/school/college 🙂 x

Nicole Ann Hurst says:

I must say it is hard to try produce good content frequently when working full time, so yeah in the new year I'm going to work on quality not quantity.
Nicole xx

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