Throwback Thursday: Blogging Edition

This post is for the old school bloggers. If you started your blog within the last few years then you might not understand the hype we had with the following things but trust me, back in the day, if you weren’t spending your money on certain products or editing your photos in a certain way then you were missing out BIG TIME! These are some of the blogging throwbacks I remember from circa 2012 aka the time of Blogger’s free templates and taking photos on your iPhone 4.

blogging throwbacks


Jeffrey Campbell Litas

I was one of the unfortunate souls who couldn’t quite afford a pair of JCs at their peak in popularity but I managed to bag myself some dupes from what used to be Republic (is that even a shop anymore?) and then finally got my hands on some Lita Mojos a year or so after which were my actual babies. In fact, when I was just searching my old posts to find that link, I even found a dedicated post of my top five Litas which I posted in 2012…. 2012!!!

Essie Mint Candy Apple Nail Polish

Aka the most iconic nail polish of all time. If you didn’t have this in your collection then what would you be wearing on your nails in all your OOTDs you took in your hallway? I can’t even remember who kicked this trend off but they deserve a medal! Obviously, when writing this post I had to google ‘Essie mint candy apple’ and was shocked to see there’s a new version out which is slightly more green than the original. Looks like times are changing!

Blog sales

Who didn’t love a blog sale eh? Got an old Barry M crackle glitter nail polish and don’t use it anymore? No problemo, just take a snap on your phone, whack up the contrast and saturation and stick it in a blog sale for 50p. Bargain! I kinda wish these were still around but I suppose we have the likes of Depop these days for second-hand beauty goodies.

Writing song lyrics as your OOTD blog title

OMG WHO REMEMBERS DOING THIS?! Copying and pasting the most meaningful lyrics from your favourite songs as your OOTD blog titles haha just brilliant isn’t it! To be fair, the struggle was real coming up with titles for outfit photos that weren’t along the lines of ‘Bowler Hat + Creepers’ or ‘Neon Pop’… Someone, please relate!

Using the Nashville Instagram filter

Let’s be honest, we all used to slap the Nashville filter on every Instagram photo along with a thick, curved-edged border to make our photos look even more incredible *lol jk*. I just love how much Instagram has changed since those days, it’s so funny to look back at old photos and editing styles and I encourage you to do it some time!

American Apparel Disco Pants

*Or the dupes from Motel Rocks if you couldn’t afford them* I should say in the title. I never could splash the cash on the real deal so dupe so instead I just bought the Motel Rocks ones in every colour imaginable – click here to check out one of my cringey old outfit posts wearing the red ones! Just like with the Litas, I wrote a post on the best knock-off disco pants (which is actually one of my most popular posts EVER) which is linked here if you wanna have a giggle!

blogging throwbacks

Blog rolls

Looking back, it’s clear to see that blog rolls were absolute gems for your SEO but in all honesty, I don’t think anyone knew was SEO or DA was back then! I remember hand picking my absolute favourite blogs and spending ages designing a cool blog roll page in the hope that one of my faves (Copper Garden or LLYMLRS) would notice it.


Creepers are perhaps my most questionable fashion choice to date but God did I love them back in the day! Beautycrush (now, Samantha Maria) did a banging ‘how I style‘ video which I’ve linked for the lols which was my saving grace as a 16-year-old who clearly didn’t know how to dress! Who else used to love her style videos?

Tag posts

Goodness gracious me, I used to love a tag. Christmas tag? Autumn tag? Best friends tag? Top ten tag? Easter tag? Insert-any-word-here tag? Yup, done ’em all! I don’t think people even really used Twitter back then either so nobody would know you even tagged them in a post and then you’d just kinda tag yourself in someone else’s because you reaalllllyyy wanted to do it!

I think I’ll leave it there but there are SO many other blogging throwbacks I can think of so let me know in the comments if you’d like to see a part two! I really hope this has brought back some hilarious memories for some of the OG bloggers out there because it has done for me!

Can you think of any blogging throwbacks from the good old days?


  1. 26/06/2018 / 09:30

    I wasnt really in the blogging community years ago but some of these things ring-true to me even though i wasnt blogging like using the nashville insta filter! I do remember seeing bloggers i followed years ago raving about the mint candy apple essie polish, although i did recently buy it! Loved this post, it was genuinely such a fun read x

    • Katy
      17/08/2018 / 11:10

      Haha I still love mint candy apple! x

  2. 25/07/2018 / 11:57

    Omg this has brought back some fab memories, I seriously wish some of these were still a thing</3 I remember when Company Magazine (RIP) did a yearly blogging award, I always entered aha. Disco Pants with creepers were such a look, they some fab outfit posts. I still have a blog roll on my blog and I actually get a lot of traffic from people who have me in theirs!
    Loved this so much please do a part two! xo

    • Katy
      17/08/2018 / 11:11

      I know, I wish all my outfit posts were entitled with Drake’s latest lyrics or something haha! Oh yes, how could I forget to mention Company? I used to love going to their blogger events! x

  3. 07/08/2018 / 17:03

    I was just a blogging lurker back then but wow I remember all of this! It takes me back!

    • Katy
      17/08/2018 / 11:11

      I love thinking back to the old days of blogging, everything was much simpler! x

  4. 20/09/2018 / 09:12

    I was just a reader back in the day, but yes!! Great little trip down memory lane 🙂 Everyone loved a good tag didn’t they! Haha and everyone had mint nails! Helen x

    • Katy
      21/09/2018 / 13:41

      It’s so nice to look back at how much it’s evolved isn’t it! x

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