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Well I’ll start by saying, happy 2018 everyone! I’m entirely relieved that it’s a new year and I feel more motivated than ever so keep an eye on The Rawrdrobe this year! I hope everyone had the most wonderful Christmas time, I sure did! I was absolutely spoilt as per usual by my family and Toby but besides the presents, I’ve had the best Christmas in a long time! That’s enough about me though, there are way more interesting things going on in this blog post…

As I’ve got older, I’ve started investing more of my time and money into skincare over makeup. I mean, what’s the point in spending so long applying your makeup over a shabby base? It never has the best results and I’d prefer to start off with the best canvas I can!

A part of my skincare routine that I have been devoting more attention to recently is face masks. They had never really been my thing until a few months ago when these Anatomicals Face Masks* slipped through my letterbox and now they’re an essential part of my fortnightly routine.

anatomicals face masks


I was lucky enough to receive a deep cleansing mud mask, tropical hydrating mask, mattifying mask and anti-blemish mask. Being the spot prone girl I am, I reached for the latter straight away and then worked my way onto the deep cleansing one a few weeks later. So I am yet to try the other two masks but I’ll report back once, I have!

anatomicals face masks

Deep cleansing mud mask

Mud masks are my number one favourite type of face mask, I just feel like they do the best job on my skin and clear up most of my spots and scarring. I also hate having to peel off face masks so mud masks tick the ‘wash off with a flannel’ box. This mask in particular, really helped my skin when I was going through a really bad skin week – like seriously bad skin week. It feels so thick coming out of the pack so I decided to apply it with an old foundation brush as I sometimes find these types of mask to be a bit messy. It didn’t take too long to dry and although, I found the smell too overpowering, my skin definitely felt better for it. Smooth? Tick. Soft? Tick. Cleansed? Tick.

anatomicals face masks

Anti-blemish face mask

I was a tad confused when I opened the anti-blemish face mask as it looked more like a thick moisturiser than anything else. It smelled refreshing and felt extremely creamy and smooth so it applied really easily although it did just look like I hadn’t rubbed my moisturiser in! It felt cooling on my face and didn’t cause any irritability but I swear it took ages to dry! Once wiped away with a warm flannel, my face felt super duper smooth but not dried out which is something I expected anyway due to the moisturising qualities of the mask. A few hours later, it seemed like redness was reduced and the next morning I noticed that the small spots I had around my forehead and chin had pretty much gone.. What a result!

I’m really surprised how well I got on with both of these Anatomicals face masks and genuinely can’t wait until I can use the other two. The Anatomicals face masks are without a doubt a cheap and cheerful solution to troubled skin. If you’ve got a few spare coins in your account then they’re worth a try at least to see how you get on with them!

Have you ever tried any other Anatomicals products?


  1. 12/02/2018 / 12:51

    These look so lovely! I’ve tried the Anatomicals Mango and Coconut Body Lotion and I love it!

    • Katy
      14/02/2018 / 13:55

      Oooh I bet that smells amazing! x

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