My Blogging Resolutions For 2018

Last year I swore I wouldn’t make any resolutions. Not even one. The idea behind it was that if I want to do something then I’ll do it, regardless of what time of year it is. Even though that was a bold statement for me to make, I ended 2017 feeling like I hadn’t achieved much. This year, I’m making a few blogging resolutions that are actually attainable and something I feel like I should have done last year. Of course there are other things I would like to accomplish this year too – maybe even getting a mortgage! But for now I’m going to be realistic and stick with my four blogging goals for 2018.

blogging resolutions


More outfit photos

I am quite literally the most unphotogenic person that I know. I either have my eyes shut, hair across my face or tilting my head at a funny angle so when it comes to taking outfit photos, it’s a bit of a mission. Now I can’t exactly work on my appearance but what I can do is make sure I take as many photos as I can whenever I leave the house. Unfortunately I don’t have a boyfriend who loves photography and will happily shoot me for half an hour but Toby does put the effort in when I ask him so he’ll have to be my makeshift photography for 2018! Thank you in advance Tubs!

Keep Buffer topped up

I am SO bad at scheduling my tweets and it’s something I need to improve on next year. I don’t know why I never really do it as it’s a simple task which doesn’t take long but I feel like it drains me! To tackle this problem, this year I’ll be setting reminders on my calendar and sharing more of other bloggers’ content to bulk out my feed a tad. This way I can share my own blog as well as giving other bloggers’ posts the attention they deserve!

More lifestyle posts

Despite recently changing my title to a ‘lifestyle blogger’, I haven’t really been posting many lifestyle posts. It’s something that I’ve been meaning to do for months but I keep getting swept up in the beauty blogging world and not talking about what’s important to me. Anxiety is something I don’t think I’ve spoken about once on here despite battling with it for the last four years and it’s something I certainly should discuss. I’d also like to talk more about what’s going on in Kent, restaurant reviews, travel guides and anything else along those lines. It’s definitely time for The Rawrdrobe to branch out!

Migrate to WordPress

I am absolutely sick to death of Blogger. This is actually the second time I’ve written this post as it was overwritten when I was typing another post out (don’t ask me how the hell that happens but it just does) and it’s tipped me over the edge. I know Pipdig offer migration services to WordPress and it’s something I’m saving for. I feel like I’ll have way more freedom with my blog if I move away from Blogger and it’s something I would love to do! Also, who can resist a new Pipdig template?

If you’ve made any resolutions for this year, blog related or not, I’d love to know! It gives me ideas of what else I can improve on and I’m sure it can inspire others too!

What are your blogging resolutions?


    • Katy
      09/01/2018 / 18:27

      Thanks Kristie! x

  1. Eloise
    07/01/2018 / 18:11

    I’ve made a couple of blogging resolutions this year that are similar to yours. I definitely want to take more outfit photos, especially some outdoor ones!
    I’d also be keen to read some mental health posts. Anxiety isn’t something I suffer with so it’ll be an interesting read. I’ve recently joined the mental health community on twitter (I have bipolar) and I’m starting to think about opening up on my blog!

    • Katy
      09/01/2018 / 18:28

      That’s good to hear! You totally should if you’re comfortable with it! I love how supportive other bloggers are of mental health! x

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