How To Spend A Day In Bath


Bath. Known for it’s architecture, infamous Roman Baths and incredible skyline. I don’t know how it’s taken me so long to finally venture there and see it for myself rather than just endlessly scrolling through the Bath location photos on Instagram.

For those who don’t know, Bath is a town in Somerset which is in the south western part of England. It’s full of independent shops, quirky restaurants, beautiful townhouses and a really lovely atmosphere that’s so indescribable but everyone just seems really lovely and polite. I noticed how clean it is too which may seem like an odd thing to observe but it makes a change from seeing fag butts and chewing gum all over the shop! In short, it just makes the perfect place for a weekend away, especially if you live down south!

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Breakfast at Hunter & Sons

Having completed my research into the best breakfast spots in Bath and asking Hannah Maggs for some advice. We decided on Hunter & Sons for some brekkie which was recommended by Hannah herself when I tweeted her. It’s tucked away in Milsom Place which is just off Milsom Street (funnily enough) so it’s pretty easy to get to even if you have absolutely no sense of direction, like me.

They pride themselves on their coffee and beer and you even get to choose your own coffee beans when you order. I believe Toby ordered some vanilla based coffee beans or something similar for his latte and me being the boring non-tea-drinker that I am, got myself some tap water. We both opted for the sausage sandwich on the menu which was DELICIOUS. If you ever get one then order the apple ketchup too, it’s actually incredible and complements the sausages so well.

You should most definitely kick your day off with a bite to eat here, especially if you’re into great coffee, tasty food and industrial vibes. Alternatively, Hannah also recommended Cafe Lucca which looked really cool inside and the reviews look pretty good too!

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Take a tour around the Roman Baths

Whenever I told someone I was going to Bath, the first thing they would say is ‘oh you must go to the baths’. So we did. They were surprisingly captivating and it was genuinely interesting to delve into the history of them and even taste the water from the springs! Toby actually enjoyed them more than I did and normally he gets bored with museums and anything historical. Whatever age your companions are, the baths are worth a visit!

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A bite to eat at Sally Lunn’s Buns

I remember watching the Michalaks pile into a quaint little shop in one of their older videos and rave about the infamous buns they were munching down on. These aren’t just any buns though, these are Sally Lunn’s buns! I chose the afternoon tea bun which as you can imagine arrived with little pots of strawberry jam and clotted cream  and Toby went for the Dulce de leche which is one of his favourite sauces! We were half expecting the buns to be, well… standard buns but I swear this is the best bun you’ll ever get – really light yet filling and so tasty! A word of warning though, it gets super busy in there so maybe try going around mid afternoon so you’ll be more likely to get a table!

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Wander around the Christmas market

How can you take a trip to Bath during the festive season and not head to the Christmas market? To be honest, that was the main reason I persuaded Toby to go as I’ve seen and heard so much about it. Although it was my favourite market of the year (I went to a few including Bournemouth and Canterbury), the stalls are pretty much the same as you’d get anywhere else. The cheese stall, mulled wine stall, wooden creations stall, crepe stall, origami star stall… You get the picture! Even though you could probably find similar stalls in any Christmas market, I feel like the atmosphere just wouldn’t be the same!

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See the sights

If you’re handy with a camera (unlike me and Toby) then you’ll love the photographic opportunities around every corner in Bath. Even if you’re not there to snap the moments, you still have to see the sights! The Royal Crescent and The Circus are hands down two of the best locations to shoot and just outside of the Abbey would be perfect too. Also, if you have a National Trust membership then you absolutely must go to Alexandra Park which in my opinion, has the best view of Bath!

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Dinner at Hudson’s Steakhouse

There is an abundance of highly rated restaurants in Bath but being true to ourselves, we opted for a steakhouse. Mum actually recommended Hudson’s Steakhouse to me and kept banging on about how I needed to book it so for her own sanity, we went there. We tucked into the most flavoursome, juicy fillet steaks which were pricey but steak is something we were both happy to fork out on (literally). Toby has eaten some pretty banging steaks in his time including proper Argentinian ones but he even said his fillet at Hudson’s was up there in the top three!

If you’re anything like me and want to see more of your home country, if you’re from the UK of course, then you should add Bath to your list. You won’t be disappointed, I promise!


Cristy says:

wow you took some lovely photos!! i seriously need to take a trip to bath as its not far from where I live! it looks like a lovely town xx

Katy says:

Thanks Cristy! If you’re nearby then you must! x

Arianne says:

Have recently moved to Bath so these tips are great! With definitely check out the cafes 🙂
Feel free to check out my latest post x

Katy says:

I’m so jealous! Yes, Hunter & Sons is a must! x

Amita says:

Bath looks like a cute little city! I’d love to visit sometime soon. Your pictures are very pretty 🙂 x

Katy says:

It really is! Thanks Amita! x

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