Sorry it’s been so long but have no fear.. I’m back! I’ve had a pretty stressful week once again, English coursework is a massive pain to me right now. So today I’m thinking a Jeffrey Campbell shoe unboxing, I don’t know about you but that sounds good to me! As you could probably tell from my instagram post a few weeks ago (maybe even a month) that I bought some Jeffrey Campbell studded heels and lots of you lovelies complimented them so thank you very much! But unfortunately I had to send them back since they were a tincy wincy bit too small for me which was a massive bummer but ah well! I ordered them in a size 4 and they come up small anyway so I didn’t really have much chance to be honest.. So I reluctantly sent them back but I rediscovered them a week ago in my size and BOOM! Bought within a matter of seconds and they actually arrived much quicker than before (probably because it isn’t the Crimbo period anymore). They fit like a glove (a slightly too big glove but I can live with that!).They are my absolute babies and for only £45 in the sale I could not be happier. I’d definitely recommend checking the Office sale out for JC’s and most other types of shoes really – best site for shoes!

Other favourite JC sale shoes:

1. ‘Foxy Heel Platform Red Suede’

2. ‘During Spike Black Suede Silver Spikes’

3. ‘Prickly Nude Calf Leather’

4. ‘Gene Ankle Boot Black Leather’

Hope everyone’s having a crackin’ week! What are your favourite pair of heels at the moment?


    • therawrdrobe
      08/02/2013 / 07:32

      thank you! you should check out their sale!

  1. fashionablyACE
    07/02/2013 / 21:06

    LOVE these xx

    • therawrdrobe
      08/02/2013 / 07:31

      me too! x

    • therawrdrobe
      08/02/2013 / 07:31

      yeah but i hope the lou's don't hurt as much as these do!

    • therawrdrobe
      08/02/2013 / 07:30

      go check them out on office!

    • therawrdrobe
      08/02/2013 / 16:49

      me too!

  2. Andi Bremner
    10/02/2013 / 23:08

    I love jeffrey campbell he's my favourite!

  3. Courtney
    11/02/2013 / 20:51

    Omg these are absolutely beautiful! xx

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