Four Current Fashion Favourites

Something I’m really enjoying at the moment is clearing out my old, barely worn clothes and rebuilding my wardrobe. It’s all systems go on buying homeware so I don’t exactly have the money to spending willy-nilly like I used to do which means with every purchase I make, I need to know it’s something I’m going to be wearing for the foreseeable future and it’s bloody good quality. Since I’ve been doing this, I’ve noticed a few trends in what I’ve been reaching for so I thought I’d walk you through some of my current fashion favourites!

current fashion favourites


Oversized jumpers

I’m all about the casual vibes at the moment and an oversized, cosy jumper is the best way of rocking them. I’ve got quite the collection of jumpers but this one is up there in my top two favourites – if I could wear it everyday for the rest of the season, I would. It might say ‘apres ski’ on it but people ski all year round right? It’s from Gant which isn’t exactly the first brand that springs to mind when I want to buy a new jumper but I’m genuinely so impressed with the quality of it. Yes, it may be pricey but I know that this will see me through the next few years and it’s worth the money if you love something that much right?

If you fancy picking this up yourself then you can use KATY15 for 15% off everything on the website. Also it’s worth mentioning here that I got an XL in this jumper and I’m a size 8 so if you want it a little bigger and baggier then you should size up.

current fashion favourites

Pinafores and dungaree dresses

This has been a trend which I’ve loved since the end of last summer and I can’t get enough of. They’re the perfect lazy girl’s outfit which you can throw on and suddenly you look put together and like you actually made an effort with your outfit. I find Primark and New Look have the best offerings and the best prices so if you’re looking to jump aboard the pinafore train then head to those places first.

current fashion favourites

Colourful trainers

Now the sun has made it’s first proper appearance of 2019, I feel like I can officially whack out the rainbow of trainers I have stored under my bed. Hello bright pink Converse and my new yellow Reeboks (which I’m wearing in these photos)! Colourful trainers just make me so happy and add so much to a ‘boring’ outfit like a plain white tee and dungarees. I’ve recently discovered Office Offcuts through a friend which is basically where Office sell all their ex-display shoes and I promise you there are some absolute gems on there for a fraction of the price that you’d normally pay!

current fashion favourites

Sweatshirt dresses

Comfy? Yes. Easy to style? Yup. Fab transitional piece? Absolutely. Sweatshirt dresses are the one right now! I was kindly gifted one a few weeks ago and ever since then, I’ve been obsessed. The selling point for me is that you can wear them with anything – tights, bare legs, fishnets, biker boots, Chelsea boots, trainers, sliders, denim jacket, aviator jacket, teddy coat, beanie hat, fedora hat – a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g.

current fashion favourites

Besides the usual things I love – Wagamama, lie-ins, beer – I’ve really been enjoying wearing the previous items mentioned and if you’ve got any recommendations for more spring appropriate pinafores or dungaree dresses then please let me know!

What are your current fashion favourites?

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