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I’m one of those people who gets so ridiculously excited when it’s time to buy a new ‘going out’ dress. I love getting all dolled up to go to a fancy dinner or black tie party and I’m always on the hunt for new dresses, especially ones for the summer now. I came across Oh My Love a month or so ago and ever since I’ve been hooked on their amazing dresses. Here are a few of my favourites, it took me a long long time to cut the list down but these have to be at the top of my wishlist for summer and party dresses!

Spring Fever £39

I think this is probably the dress at the top of my list and it’s so perfect for spring and summer! 

Minnie Green £35
I love how colourful this print is and how the dipped hem doesn’t go all the way down to the floor (because I’m a midget).

Neonista Sulpher £35
It takes balls to wear a dress like this but I’d like to think I could pull it off at a summer party maybe? Or even casj it down with some converse and a denim shirt.

Follow My Point £39
This is more for the winter time as I’m not really a massive fan of wearing plain black during the sunny summer but I ‘d love to wear this with some neon accents, maybe some bright pink JC’s?

Animal Instinct £39
I hope this doesn’t look too Kat Slater to you but I really like it.. Paired with some really simple black gladiator sandals, I think this would look great in the summer.

Cut Out Cutie £55
The most expensive out of all these but I still really like it and think I’d be happy to pay the price for this dress, it would look stunning with some plain flats and a dainty bracelet. Unfortunately though the back is well, backless and I have a rather large bust so I doubt this dress would be very suited to my body shape. It’s a shame.

So there they are, my favourite Oh My Love dresses at the moment.. What are your favourites?

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  1. Megan Butler
    28/03/2013 / 08:38

    That yellow dress is beautiful :)!!


  2. Justyna P
    01/04/2013 / 18:30

    Floral dress is beautifull!

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