Top 10 Products of 2012

I’m sure you’re aware that this is the 1st day of 2013 which means it’s time for last years favourites! I hope everyone had a brill NY and had a cheeky kiss at midnight! I’m gonna do two posts for my favourites, this one will be beauty and the next post will be fashion favourites and maybe if I’m going overboard I’ll do an extras with like magazines, dvds, etc..

Blistex Lip Brilliance – Blushing– Works like a treat
– Doesn’t break the bank (around £4)
– Been working really well in this cold weather with the wind and rain
– Smells buff
– Doesn’t drag along your lips when you’re applying it as it’s really soft and moisturizing and heavenly!
– Only thing I don’t really like is the colour but I just put a lippy over the top!

ELF Lip ExfoliatorReview: click here!
– You’ve seen the review before right? If not click up there ^
– Smells good
– Cheap and cheerful (£3.75)
– Works really well and doesn’t take long to apply
– Looks really sleek and stylish

Natural Collection SunTint Bronzing Powder in Sunshine– I can’t remember if I’ve raved about this before but this is my go-to bronzer!
– Not too shimmery or pigmented so it’s more of an everyday look
– Only £1.99 so I couldn’t love it more!
– Lasts for ageeeeeeees

Soap and Glory Mist You Madly Body Spray

– Love the smell of this

– What I wear to school as it’s light and the smaller version fits perfectly in my bag

– Around £7 so at the higher end of body sprays

– Doesn’t last that long but it’s really refreshing when you spray it on

Boots Essentials Nail Polish Remover– Only £1 and the best nail polish remover I’ve used in a long time!
– Definitely get it.. Literally get off your computer now and go buy it! (After finishing reading this post of course) haha

VO5 Give Me Texture– For those who don’t know I always wear beanies.. I’ll have an outfit all sorted and then BAM I walk out the door and have to throw a beanie on! However in the small number of days which I don’t wear a beanie I’ll be using this to add some texture and volume to my hair
– Totally worth it
– Lasts for quite a while (for me anyway)
– Pink packaging looks cool

MUA Hide and Conceal Cover Up Stick– Favourite concealer of 2012 by far
– Only £1 and completely worth it
– Blends in well with foundation
– Doesn’t look yellowy or a dodgy colour
– Conceals really well and is long lasting

MUA Nail Varnish in Shade 1
– Chips a bit if you only have one coat on but if you have 2 or 3 it is much longer lasting
– Pretty navy sparkly colour and only £1
– Loads of other colours to choose from

Aveda Mineral Tinted Moisture
– Light on the skin
– Can build up for a fuller coverage
– Doesn’t break me out
– Doesn’t look patchy
– Creamy and moisturising
– Quite expensive but worth every penny

No7 Precision Brow Pencil

– Stays on all day

– Looks natural

– Quite expensive but this is mums (ssh)

– Easy to apply

So there they are.. My favourite beauty products of 2012! What are your favourites? I’d love to see what everyone else is raving!


  1. Kate Winona
    01/01/2013 / 22:25

    I love the aveda tinted moisturizer!
    nice post, following! xx

    i'd love for you to check out my blog:

    • therawrdrobe
      05/01/2013 / 18:40

      ahh thank you! i'm following you too! x

    • therawrdrobe
      05/01/2013 / 18:40

      absolutely! it's worth every penny xxx

  2. 16/02/2013 / 17:12

    I literally take mist you madly everywhere with me haha! I love it xx

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