How To Make Your Rented House A Home

Living in rented accommodation can be tricky. It’s not always easy to make it feel like somewhere you want to stay and spend all your time so I’ve put together a few tips on how to make your rented house a home.

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How To Make Your Rented House A Home


Maybe I’m just obsessed with prints but I think they add SO MUCH to a house. They show personality, add colour to bare walls and make a room look ‘finished’. And with the help of a few Command strips or hooks, there is no need to worry about the state of your walls after knocking nails into them. They’ll be just fine!

My absolute favourite place to shop for prints is JUNIQE. I’m just obsessed with the style of their prints, it’s so up my street. I’m not really into the whole Coco Chanel or Live Love Laugh kinda thing as I love to inject some personality into the walls when I’m hanging up artwork so JUNIQE is my go to. So many cool illustrations, funny quotes and they always have a discount code hidden somewhere! And just to be totally transparent, I have worked with them before and the prints in the photos are all gifted but this post isn’t sponsored or anything, I just think the shots fit the post well! Also, I’ve been buying from their website ever since we moved out last year so please don’t doubt I’m a huge fan!

juniqe prints

Give it a fresh lick of paint

More often than not, landlords don’t mind you giving their property a bit of a facelift as it saves them from doing the work. Ask them if you can give the walls a fresh coat of paint which doesn’t have to cost you a lot – they might even offer to pay for it! It’ll make the place feel cleaner, fresher and give you a blank canvas to hang up your frames!


Oh we all love a candle don’t we? I tell you what ALDI’s knock-off Jo Malone candles are the one. Sometimes rented places can smell a little.. let’s say.. minging? So littering your place with candles and diffusers is an absolute must to make sure it starts to smell like ‘home’. It can take a while but honestly candles and comforting smells can make such a difference, especially around autumn/winter time!

Throw down some rugs

Whether you’ve got cold, wooden floors or horrendous mustard yellow carpet, you can instantly make the space feel more homely and less offensive with the addition of a rug. They can make a statement in a simple room or just alleviate the problem of having to walk on crispy, toe-curling carpet!

juniqe prints

Stick on tiles

Oh my days these things are GENIUS! If you’ve got manky tiles in your kitchen or bathroom that you can’t do anything about, just order some stick-on wall tiles and Bob’s your uncle. I wish I’d known about these back when I was renting! They’re so affordable, look believable and come in a tonne of different patterns, shapes and styles!

Make it personal

The problem with renting is that the property isn’t technically yours but it doesn’t have to feel that way! Add personal touches like photo frames and keepsakes to every room so you’re never in doubt that it isn’t YOUR space. When I rented in Oxford, I made sure every surface had some sort of photo, trinket pot or meaningful book (What Katy Did was always #1 as you can imagine) placed upon it so wherever I looked, there would be a personal touch there.

Are there any other ways you can make your rented house a home?


  1. 17/10/2020 / 11:15

    I am obsessed with prints and have recently created a gallery wall in my bedroom! I love all your other tips – it’s so important to make it feel like home xx

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