Getting Organised for Uni


I’m not 100% sure if I’ve made it a well known fact that at the end of September I begin my course at a college in Oxford. This means no more lie ins, no more ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ and unfortunately no more binging on Netflix. It’s time to get organised, especially as I’m actually completing an Executive PA course! Below are a few ideas of how you can get organised for uni, college or sixth form.

Get a diary

A diary for me is the most effective way of getting things done. I make sure I write everything I have to do for the week in there and it shows me how much time I roughly have to complete tasks and coursework which therefore allows me to schedule my week. Dentist appointments, trips to the post office and days dedicated to essays are all pencilled in!


Okay so this point only really applies if you’re at uni or not living at home. To be organised with your work is one thing but to be organised with your money and expenditure is another. I don’t go to Oxford til the end of the month but I’ve already created a spreadsheet for my budget for the year so I can keep track of how much money I have to live on! Without keeping track of expenses then you’re screwed, even if you’re getting firsts at uni.

Get prepared

If you’ve got an early morning then prepare yourself the night before. Ensure your clothes are all ready, clean and ironed and you’ve got everything packed. You’d be surprised how much time this saves – especially for us girls who never have a clue what to wear!

To do lists

Everyday for the past 8-9 months I’ve been writing a to do list for the day and you wouldn’t believe the benefits. It adds structure and goals for each day which will gradually evolve you into a more time-effective and productive person. Also try to prioritize your list, finishing your coursework is probably more important that getting booze for a night out right?

Let me know in the comments if you’ve got any organisation tips for uni, it would be great if we could all share!

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Eliza @ Lipgloss and Paperbacks says:

Great tips! I love a to-do list, they always seem to clear my head and make me feel like I'm more on top of things that I actually am! When i need to work, my phone is my biggest distraction. I've started logging out of my social media, it stops me checking twitter every five minutes because I'm too lazy to put my password in again haha 🙂

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