Summer Holiday to Bulgaria

When I think of holiday destinations, Bulgaria isn’t one that really springs to mind. Myself and Toby had hopes this summer of jetting off to a five star resort in Thailand but thanks to the monsoon season over there, it was a no go. So with only two weeks until our holiday was booked off work, Toby booked an all inclusive holiday in a four star hotel in the resort of Sveti Vlas in Bulgaria. Despite being a short walk from Sunny Beach, it was actually a really lovely holiday (thank God for out of season holidays!) I thought I’d upload all the pictures together rather than writing photo diaries as I was chilling out so much that I forgot to really take any pictures.

We spent most of our days by the pool or taking a dip and swimming up to the pool bar (so gutted I never got a snap of this), playing slam (Toby won 10-4) and applying aloe vera. We did get to go on a catamaran trip though where we saw dolphins swimming along our boat and also a night of circus performances at Khan’s Tent. And then we were skint so couldn’t afford to do anything else!

It was just the break we both needed after having a hectic year but now it’s back to business and blogging!

Did you manage to get away this summer?

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