Five Reasons Why You Should Visit Whitstable


Ah Whitstable. My favourite seaside town which I tell absolutely everyone to visit. I haven’t been since last summer but I’m due to take a trip soon and on a scale of excitement, I’m a solid 10! Since I’m such an advocate of the place, I thought I’d write a post all about why you should visit Whitstable if you haven’t been already.

visit whitstable

You can experience the freshest seafood

I know seafood isn’t everyone’s cuppa tea, or pint of prawns (wheeeeeeey) but if you’re a big foodie or even just fancy trying something new then Whitstable is the best place to do it. Lobster, mussels, oysters, cod, you name it, they’ve got it… fresh! The food really is delicious and I can’t remember stepping into a single cafe or restaurant which didn’t serve local produce which just goes to show how proud the locals are to serve such tasty seafood! My favourite places to try out are of course the Lobster Shack which I’ve raved about before, the infamous Wheelers Oyster Bar and it’s gotta be Ossie’s for takeaway chish and fips!

There are the cutest independent shops

I briefly touched on this before in my post about how to spend a day in Whitstable¬†which I published last year but I really do bloody love the shops in Whitstable! My favourite shop is called Duma which is a really quirky lighting shop and you won’t know how interested you are in lamps and clocks until you step through their front door. It’s just so damn cool in there! Their sister shop, Flory & Black is adorable and sells the cutest trinkets, gifts and homeware and if you happen to have a present to buy for someone then this is the place to do it!

It’s perfect for taking photos

We’re not all blessed enough to have a perfectly trained photographer as our partner but that doesn’t even matter in Whitstable. Wherever you point your lens, it will look photogenic I guarantee you – that’s unless you’ve got my ugly mug in the middle of the photo haha. No but seriously, the scenery is beautiful with the sea, beach huts, harbour and narrow streets and I imagine it would be a photographer’s dream on a summers day!

You can make a weekend of it

Luckily for me, I only live an hour away from Whitstable so it’s not much of a trek to visit but if you have a slightly longer journey to plan then make the most out of it and stay! There is an abundance of other towns nearby which you can’t afford to miss out on including Margate, Herne Bay, Broadstairs, Ramsgate and Canterbury (even though that’s technically a city). If you fancy staying, there are so many different options for accommodation – Airbnbs, hotels, B&Bs, holiday cottages or a much more unique solution, the fisherman’s huts! My Mum keeps going on about staying in one right by the harbour and I think for my next trip I might just do that! They can sleep between two and six adults and with such a central location, they’d be great for the night!

The locals are so welcoming

There’s a few places I’ve been to before where the locals just seemed so rude and fed up with tourists but oh no, not my dearest Whitstable! I know it’s hardly a deal-breaker when it comes to planning a day trip or weekend away but the locals here really are so welcoming and helpful. It makes you feel more at home and like you can ask anyone for directions or advice on what to do.

With the weather in the UK due to warm up soon, I really can’t recommend you visit Whitstable enough! It just makes the absolute best day for any couple, family or group of friends and if you live in Kent and haven’t been before then you’re missing out big time!

Have you ever been to Whitstable? If not, where’s your favourite seaside town?

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