September Favourites

So now we’ve moved into October I thought I would do a post on my favourite things from September, including beauty, fashion and random bits and bobs!

Casio Watch

Ever since i got this watch from ASOS I’ve been wearing it non stop. It’s so comfy on my wrist and considering I’m not really a watch type of person, I absolutely love it! It’s a definite recommendation and for only £20 and being a Casio, it’s a bargain. There’s also loads of other colours.. orange, yellow, blue and pink! Maybe one day I’ll have a collection of them?

ASOS Beanie

This is one of the most comfortable beanies I’ve ever come across and for £8 it’s definitely worth it. The weather’s not been too good at the moment but with this hat, it provides a dry and fashionable head. I’ve also got it in black 🙂 There’s none left on the ASOS website but I’m sure if you have a look around you’ll find something similar. ASOS is really good for beanies at the moment, I think I feel a splash out coming on!

Magic Stars Chocolate

OMNOMNOM! I’m hooked on this chocolate, obviously it’s very unhealthy at a whopping 183 calories for just one pack but even so, it’s worth it. Currently trying to ration myself on it but it’s just so gooooooood!

Cross Necklace

Now i must admit, this is a cute and dainty piece but really not worth the money.. for £6 I would never have bought this but as it was on sale I thought I’d give it a shot.. this necklace goes with everything and it’s a really nice, flattering length as well. a definitely key piece for my autumn collection!

Rimmel Nail Varnish in Sweet as Sugar

This nail varnish is such a lovely, mint blue colour and looks good on my nails.. it works well with a few coats and dare I say it, makes me look tanned :O but overall I really like it, almost like a frosty blue which will be brill for winter as well.. though as it gets colder I’m sure I’ll move round to more reddy/browny shades of nail varnish! 

Bio Oil

I’ve been using this loaaaaaads recently as I’ve discovered some scars on my arm and despite it being ‘non-greasy’, I do find it particularly oily but then again it is ‘bio oil’ derhhh! It works well, I do find myself forgetting to put it on though but it definitely does the job and lasts for ages! definitely worth it.

Topshop Eagle Ring

I really like this ring, i always wear rings but this one in particular.. don’t know why.. just love it! although the only downside is it’s not real silver so turns your finger green so i have to regularly coat the inside in clear nail varnish (good tip there)!

Well that’s all my September favourites. So what products are you liking at the moment? Which would you recommend? 

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  1. hannah gibbins
    31/10/2012 / 00:37

    hey katy, i look at this sometimes and remember reading this about how much you loved this watch. they may be fake, but i found casio watches on ebay for about £2 with £2 delivery so i thought i might as well order myself two so i did as they were painfully cheap. may be a cheaper way to get your collection going. hehe xx

    • steviieee
      31/10/2012 / 11:31

      ahh that's a good idea.. i just don't want them to stop working halfway through the day.. would be pretty traumatic haha but that does sound like a good plan:) thanks hannah:)x

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