Top 3: Real Techniques Brushes

I’m a massive fan of Real Techniques brushes. It’s not really the worlds biggest secret to be honest. They’re just so soft and affordable and yummy and look so nice on my makeup table and do you want me to go on? Today I bring you my top 3 brushes out of 8 that I own so it was pretty hard to whittle it down to just these bad boys. I recommend these brushes to any makeup newbie’s or just anyone in general who’s after some new brushes.

Powder Brush

This is perfect for applying either face powder, bronzer or blush (depending on what part of the brush you use) and it doesn’t pick up too much product which is always good when you don’t wanna cake yourself in it. It’s pretty big and soft and gives such an even coverage with the powder you use.

Shading Brush

I use this diddy little thing for my concealer, it’s more precise than the pointed foundation brush so I find it gives a more flawless finish when I dab my Lasting Perfection concealer into my skin. It was really cheap as well, like £8 which is pretty good for a perfect concealer brush. I haven’t used it as it’s primary function of actual eye makeup yet but when I do, I’ll give you the low down 😉 Only bad thing is that it gets dirty pretty easily, or that may just be my concealer..

Buffing Brush

Once I started using this, I never turned back to my old ELF stippling brush when it came to foundation. It gives such a flawless finish when you take the time to buff your foundation in properly and is too soft for words to even describe. It’s quite dense so I find it hard to multitask with this brush and use it for blush or anything but it’s great at what it’s supposed to be used for so that’s all that matters.

Do you use Real Techniques brushes? What are your favourite brush brands?


  1. 02/06/2013 / 09:24

    I love real techniques too! I really like their expert face brush!xxx

  2. 04/06/2013 / 22:02

    I have a couple of their brushes but I really want more!! I love the expert face brush for foundation xx

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