October Empties

So it’s the end of October tomorrow (Halloween time woooooo) and I thought I’d just do a quick post on my empty products for this month. There’s not many of them as I genuinely use the same products all the time unless I’m testing out some new ones so there’s nothing very crazy here!

Natural Collection Loose Powder in Warm Translucent £1.99 

When I first bought this I rarely used it, only really to ‘matte down’ my face but since I ran out of my MAC powder I had to use this more often. I wouldn’t really recommend it if you can afford something more expensive but for a budget powder it’s not too shabby. It’s hard to apply at first as there’s a sieve like lid (I’m so good at explanations) which reduces the amount of powder that comes out so not much comes out at first. However I solved this by removing the plastic lid and dipping my brush in and then tapping the excess on the brush off back into the pot. I won’t be buying this again as I know I can get a better powder from the high street but overall I’d say it’s a 5/10 as it still does the job and doesn’t break me out! 

Natural Collection CoverUp Stick in Fair £1.99

I’ll start off by saying this concealer has literally lasted me FOREVER! It’s a really good consistency but I wouldn’t say it’s as good as some other high street cover-ups. Once again it’s a good beauty bargain as it also blends really easily into the skin but often it rubs off quite quickly during the day and can start to separate around blemishes. For only £1.99 I’ll definitely be repurchasing this as a handy on-the-go jobby! 6/10.

Fast Stroke Eyeliner in Black by Collection 2000 £2.99 

I have so much love for this eyeliner. For a little pot it goes a long way and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a cheap eyeliner. It also stays on for ageeeees! The number of times I’ve worn this on a night out and it doesn’t budge at all until maybe the morning when you rub your eyes. It’s also really easy to apply but at first the applicator can feel hard so sometime I find myself using a gel eyeliner brush with it. I’d give it a solid 8/10! 

MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Medium £20 

I’ve finally hit pan and run out of my favourite MAC product which is such a bummer but hey ho crimbo is round the corner (hint hint Mum). If I’m honest this powder isn’t worth £20 but then again most of MAC’s products are overpriced but I did used to use it on a regular basis as one of my make up essentials. I really like the texture of this powder, it’s really soft and sits well on the skin. A problem I have with it though is that this is the fourth or fifth time I’ve repurchased this powder and every time I get a new one it somehow breaks?! On this one the little pushy button thing to open the lid is permanently pushed out which means I constantly lose loose powder when it’s in my make up bag. It also runs out very quickly but it’s just one of those products I need in my life! 8/10. 

Moisturising Polish Removed by Sally Hansen £2.45 

This is just your average nail varnish remover pretty much even though I find it takes quite a while to get mine off. I’d rather use a cheaper one from Superdrug’s own range if I’m honest however this one is for ‘dry and brittle nails’ and I feel even though I have quite strong and healthy nails anyway this seems to have improved the condition of my cuticles as well. 6/10 but I won’t be repurchasing! 

Hopefully these mini reviews have helped you out a little! What were your favourite beauty related empties of the month?

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