How I Incorporate Textures Into My Autumn Wardrobe

You only need to scroll through Twitter or Instagram for two seconds to see how many bloggers are excited for autumn. I’ve been seeing lots of candles, fluffy socks and more leaf emojis than ever so I feel like it’s officially time to start buzzing for the colder months. It’s not like we ever have a proper summer in England anyway!

incorporate textures


One of my favourite things about autumn is fashion. It makes me so happy to ditch the playsuits and say hello to scarves, boyfriend coats and black boots. It’s not even that cold at the moment which is annoying as I’m sooooo ready to layer and wrap up. That’s the problem with the chillier months though, sometimes you layer up so much that suddenly your whole outfit disappears into basically a coat and boot combo and there’s nothing else to see. That’s where this blog post comes in.

I felt so inspired by my shopping trip this week that I thought I’d write about how I’m incorporating more textures into my AW wardrobe. This is for two main reasons.

1. It’s so easy to only wear black in autumn, so textures can break up an outfit more and make it a little less plain.

2. As I previously mentioned, when your outfit is basically just a coat, jeans and boots (because everything else is hidden), then you need textures to jazz it up a bit.

So now you know why I’m trying to incorporate more textures into my autumn outfits but how am I actually doing it?

From now on, I try and make sure that every outfit I wear includes a couple of different bold textures (I’m not talking cotton) so this could be anything from leather or snakeskin to suede to studs to faux fur, you get the idea!

incorporate textures

It’s actually pretty easy when you get into the swing of it and you’ll naturally have a favourite texture which you like to include in pretty much every outfit. I personally love leather. I feel naked without my beloved, battered and beaten leather jacket on and more often than not, I’ve got leather boots and a leather bag with me or I’m wearing leather coated jeans. Crikey, how many times can you say leather in one sentence?

More recently I’ve also been loving this French Connection snakeskin denim skirt which I was very kindly gifted from Love The Sales. I’ve never owned anything like it before and to be honest, I would prefer to wear it as a summer piece but with a jumper and tights, it works perfectly for autumn too.

One way which I’m hoping to incorporate textures into my outfits is by throwing a teddy fur coat over the top but I just need to find one I fall in love with first. I’ve also been wearing either studded, fur or tassled boots, really chunky knitwear and my new aviator jacket from Primark which I absolutely love and it was only £30!

How do you like to include different textures in your autumn/winter outfits?

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