Four Tips For Having A Productive Day


One of the things I hate the most is when I don’t have a productive day. That may make me sound like a complete control freak but hey, I can’t change it! I just hate the feeling that I’ve wasted a day and not got anything done that I should have. Please tell me there’s someone else out there like that? So here are a bunch of my best tips for having a productive day whether you’re at work or not.

how to have a productive day


Create a realistic to do list

The keyword in this is ‘realistic’. I know how easy it is to write a huge to do lists with all tasks, big and small, but are you really going to get much of it done? Nowadays I prefer to keep it simple and only list the things which actually need doing or I know I can get them done that day. And if you don’t already write to do lists then maybe you should try it. I don’t know anyone who can resist the satisfaction of ticking things off a list!

Use your commute to your advantage

A majority of us who work have to commute so why not use this time more efficiently? It’s a bit different if you’re driving but if you jump on a train to work, you could catch up with blog posts, edit any photos you have lined up for Instagram and write the captions, respond to emails, the list is endless!

how to have a productive day

Don’t try to multi-task

I am probably the worst person to advise on this as I used to try and do anything and everything at the same time but my habits have changed since then. Recently, I’ve only been focusing on one task at a time and channelling all my concentration into that. You might find that you’ll complete everything so much quicker and then you know you can move onto the next task on your list. Even us women can’t really multi-task!

Keep your inbox organised

Tidy inbox, tidy mind right? I find my days are so much more productive when I’ve cleared out my emails and either replied, deleted or labelled each one! You can even colour code the folders with your calendar for extra satisfaction!

I hope these tips can help you boost your own productivity and help you get shit done! I promise you, you’ll sleep so much easier when you know you’ve had a productive day and ticked everything off your list!

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Do you have any tips for having a productive day?


These are all great tips. I've started to be more realistic with my to-do lists lately.

Katy Stephenson says:

Hope they helped! x

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