Can’t Stop Shopping


I swear I have a genuine problem with shopping, no matter how much I have in my bank account be that £10 or £1000, I will find a way to spend it. ASOS is the worst for me due to the fact I can’t resist their continuous sales and unlimited next day delivery. So below are a few new additions to my wardrobe and make up drawer.

I’ve been after a leather skirt for absolutely ages so when ASOS released their flash 20% discount code I had to finally buy this little gem. It feels a tad too short but I’m not planning on wearing it without tights so all should be good.

As Christmas is growing closer it means I need to start prepping for the parties coming up. This dress should be perfect for them with some tights, red lips and black JC’s. It’s from Missguided and so cheap, around £22 so I definitely recommend you check out their party dresses!

I also took a liking to these treggings on the Missguided site. To be honest I was slightly put off by the ‘scuba’ part but they’re really not scuba material at all. More like a cheap disco pant kind of material but it doesn’t bother me for £12.00. I’m obsessed with monochrome at the moment as you can probably tell from my recent hauls and this geometric pattern will add a little extra to an outfit.

As much as I love my clothes from Missguided, I do have to mention how big the sizes come up on me. The leggings are practically trousers and feel very baggy especially around the waist and crotch and the sleeves on the dress are massive. It may be worth ordering a couple of sizes and returning one just to make sure you get the right fit!


I'm exactly the same – I don't think my earnings will ever catch up with my spending haha xx

Jasmine // Magpie Jasmine

Katy Stephenson says:

i'd be rich if it wasn't for shopping haha x

Ana Céline says:

I love the dress 🙂 x
Ana Céline Labod

Katy Stephenson says:

they have loads of other lovely dresses as well 🙂 x

e. says:

that leather skirt looks amazing ! i love it when asos offer 20% off ahaha, always a nice chance to get something new ! x


Lauren Wilks says:

You have bought some really lovely clothes your blog
is really nice i love the design!

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