Plastic vs Bristle Mascara Wands

There’s two types of makeup lovers in the world: the ones who prefer plastic mascara wands and the ones who prefer bristly wands. Personally I really like plastic wands, they’ve always been the applicators of my favourite mascaras and I like being able to feel the wand combing through my lashes if that makes sense? 


If you’re after long, defined and separated lashes then a plastic wand is the one to go for. Depending on the size of the actual wand, it can make your lashes look dramatic and perfect for a night out or you can opt for a more natural look by using wands with smaller spikes.


Although bristles can help produce thick, voluminous lashes, they can also make your eyelashes get a tad clumpy and stick together. The knack is to apply slowly and give it a little wiggle as you brush through your lashes. One thing I do really like about bristle applicators is that they make your eyelashes look so naturally amazing even if you’ve got layers of your favourite mascara on!


  1. Megan Roisin
    08/09/2014 / 12:53

    I honestly get on with both types of wand. I do find that plastic ones are easier to fan out lashes with though 🙂
    Megan x
    London Callings

  2. Emma Everleigh
    17/09/2014 / 17:43

    I definitely prefer plastic wands as there is usually little to no clumping and they make your lashes look more defined. xxx
    Just Emma

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