My Thoughts: ELF Lipstick in ‘Voodoo’


so as you can tell from my haul yesterday i purchased a lipstick in the colour ‘voodoo’ which is described as ‘spicy warm red creme’ on the site.. i really like this colour and feel it’s very autumnal but also wearable enough for all year round. it’s definitely my go to lipstick from now on. it’s really moisturizing and creamy and goes on so easily, i’ve worn it all day and it hasn’t budged so pretty long lasting in my eyes. it doesn’t crack either or smudge and the packaging is really secure which is a bonus. for only £1.50 i 100% recommend and i’d even say splash the extra 50p and get this rather than MUA even though i’m a big fan of their lippy’s! there’s so many colours to choose from and i’ve just bought a few others after being so impressed with this one! the only bad thing i can say really is that when you twist it so it’s the smallest it can go the top still pops out the top if that makes sense? so already i’ve squashed the head of the lipstick which is really annoying but apart from that i can’t fault it. 10/10 for sure and most definitely recommended!


yazmine says:

I have been looking for a colour like that for forever, cannot believe I didn't think to try elf, thankyou 😀 xx

steviieee says:

i'm glad i helped:)xx

Sabrina Santiago says:

hi! love this post! & i'd love it if you would check out my blog!

Sabrina Santiago says:

Just followed you! (: I'd love it if you would follow me back!

Beautiful blog

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