Product Rave: Superdry Coconut Lip Fix


I am telling you right now, blogger to blogger, go and buy this lip balm. Picking it up on a whim, I wasn’t expecting much but after a couple of uses it made it’s way straight into my makeup bag – what a privilege. It’s more more of a gel formula than a balm but the tiniest bit goes a long way. After just one use my lips were significantly softer and that to me is the sign of a good lip balm. The only bad point about this is the fact that it’s so bloody sticky when applying with your finger so this may not be the best product to use when you’re out and about but on the plus side, it has a really glossy finish on the lips so it would be perfect to wear over a drying lipstick. The coconut scent is subtle and once on the lips barely noticeable which is another winning factor for me. 10/10 Superdry, very pleased with you.


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